The Bleak Future of Old town

September 3, 2009

The Daily Star: Weekend Magazine July 10 2009The capital Dhaka city is a 400-year-old city and it is only appreciated when one visits the Old Town of the city. Although the city heart is this part but now it’s in a deplorable condition. The slums are increasing and footpaths are occupied by the poor who cannot be blamed for migrating to the city in the hope of a better future. This part is well enriched with old masterpiece architecture work like Ahsan Manzil. Still the road conditions are devastating with many open manholes and huge dustbins by the roadside. The City of mosques has now changed into the city of rickshaws and the tangled condition of wires form a dense spider net. The roads are so narrow that even a single car cannot move. Many house are occupying the roads area. The roads contain so many holes that no vehicle can move smoothly even at the slowest speed. More importantly, the Old Town has been denuded of trees and people show very little interest in roof top plants. The roads are patched up and buildings stick to each other and therefore the scorching heat increases and suffocation results. Owing to the fact most parts are related with business. Poor communication, terrible drainage and water-logging continues to plague us. We the citizen of the country must save our cities by refraining from illegal acts such as encroaching water bodies.
Mahbubur Rahman
Old Dhaka

One Response to “The Bleak Future of Old town”

  1. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Who is the current Mayor now in Dhaka?

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