Is anyone related to Dr Khwaja Moshiur Rahman ?

August 28, 2009

Dr Khwaja Moshiur Rahman claims to be from the Dhaka Nawab Family. Apparently, a direct descendent of Nawab Salimullah…

He further claims to be working for the United Nations in the US, as an Industrial Devlopment Advisor to Secretary General… also a former Professor at Oxford.

Please post your comments if you know this gentlemen.


8 Responses to “Is anyone related to Dr Khwaja Moshiur Rahman ?”

  1. Shamim Says:

    The name certainly doesnt look like someone from Nawab Bari atall.

  2. Khawaja Saifullah Says:

    It would wise if he can tell the names of his father/mother’s name, grandfather/mother’s, then it can be traceable

  3. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    not much information doing google either

  4. Belal Says:

    Dear All,
    Thank you for your comments.
    – Belal

  5. Choudhury Family Says:

    Salaam All,

    In a nutshell, we received the following information from a prospective groom here i London, UK.

    It sounds like he is using the Dhaka Nawab Family name to progress in his personal life…

  6. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    @Belal, Anas & Arshad,

    In my opinion this request from Choudhury Family for tracing Dr. Khwaja Moshiur Rahman and his son’s background and relationship to DNF is not objective and reasonable. When did DNF website became an investigative body for a matrimonial debate over a private family matter between the two families herein?

    No Flame


    Iftekhar Hassan

  7. Belal Says:

    Iftekhar Bhai,
    – Belal

  8. gupshup1 Says:

    Mr. Choudhury,

    Mr. Moshiur is not a member of the Dhaka Nawab Family. Who you choose for your daughter’s hand in marriage is your issue not ours.

    The matter ends here.
    – Belal
    DNF Website Mgmt

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