Ramadan Mubarak

August 21, 2009

ramadanAssalamu ‘alaykum, and welcome to Ramadan Kareem. The month of Ramadan is one of the pillars of our Deen in which Allah has granted us an opening to refocus our lives on our path to Him.


10 Responses to “Ramadan Mubarak”

  1. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    May our creator Allah’s Blessings Shine upon You and your family
    May Allah accept your fasting
    May Allah bless you for all good deeds
    May Allah bless you and your family in this holy month
    May Allah bless shower of mercy upon our father, mother and all the dear one’s who left us until the day of judgment when we shall all meet again.

    Good health to all
    Iftekhar Hassan

  2. Reaz Salim Says:

    Ameen.Hassan you rightly said it.Please all of you keep us in your prayer.






  4. arshad nyc Says:

    Ramadan Mubarak to all!
    The following will be greatly missed for all Non-resident Nawabbarians:
    1. Chauk Bazarka………
    2. Baraf…….
    3. Pakore, Lembu Pani, Rooh afza with Tokma, Halim, chana………..
    Please add on to missing iftari’s

    Oh by the way, can some one provide Lyrics of Sehri?

  5. The Choudhury Family Says:

    Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

    Assalaamu alaikum and Ramadan Mubarak to you all.

    We hope you are well inshaAllah.

    My family and I have been following your website avidly and would like to ask if there is a current family tree that we could view of the Nawab Family, to date? In particular, professional status of current families members and where they reside with contact details.

    We are enquiring for a personal matter. Our family received a serious marriage proposal from someone here in England. Apparently, they originate from the Ahsan Manzil Palace and directly related to Nawab Sir Khwaja Ahsanullah, Nawab Sir Khwaja Salimullah, and Nawab Sir Khwaja Habibullah. However, we are having extreme difficulty verifying this.

    We are particularly trying to make contact with Professor Dr. Khwaja Moshiur Rahman BSc, MSc, PhD, DSC (Former Professor of Oxford University. Currently working as Advisor to UN Secretary General, New York) for this reason, and would be grateful if you could verify if he is part of the Dhaka Nawab Family and if so, for his contact details. We have looked on the contact list on your website, but cannot find his details.

    As we are not from the Dhaka Nawab Family, it is proving difficult for us to verify details given to us. Therefore, we hope you won’t mind us asking and that someone here could kindly help us tracing contact details for Professor Dr. Khwaja Moshiur Rahman, so we can take this further inshaAllah.

    Thank you again and we look forward to your reply.

    Allah hafiz

  6. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    For Eid, Please…Please…Please
    I need the following:- to be delivered in New York or Washington DC area by any DNF members who live in U.S.A. or returning from a trip. All returning DNF family members please help me: I shall pay pay you TOP Dollar:-

    Item No. 1

    I need good quality Paneer: 2 Kalib or 2 Kg. Will pay $25.00 for each Kalib/Kg.

    Item No. 2

    I need I kg. of dry Mawa from Moron Chand shop in Nawabpur. Will pay $25.00 per KG. I need one KG.

    Item No. 3.

    I need 2 Kg. or PRANHARA sweet/Maethaie and 2 KG. of JIBI. Will pay $20.00 pwer Kg. Must be from Dhaka and of Bangladeshi origin.

    Please contact me by email with your paypal account so that I can transfer the funds in advance to you.

    Serious Bayrathers only and I must know you/them before I transfer the money.

    This may be funny, but I am dying for good quality Paneer,

    Al-Vida…nooe-e-khuda…eh mahe Ramzan al–vida.

    Respectfully & sincerely,

    Iftekhar Hassan

  7. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Iftekhar Bahi,
    Haat Bazar a grocery/supermarket in Jackson Heights Queens sells Paneer imported from Dhaka.

  8. The Choudhury Family Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    Dear Brothers Belal, Iftekhar Hassan, and “gupshup1” :
    – We regret to have approached and clearly burdened you with our question and certainly did not view this “website as an investigative body for a marital debate”. And we certainly did not request, expect or want anyone on this site to “choose for our daughter’s hand in marriage”. Of course it is not your issue, it is ours.

    Our initial encounter on 24th August was a simple verification of person question. A check on background is a standard Islamic etiquette and as we are not from the DNF, we simply thought that an official website representing the DNF could verify this by a simple name check.

    We only elaborated with further details as Brother Belal emailed us for further information regarding background and relation to the DNF, as did Brother Khawaja Saifullah in a post.

    We thank brothers Sayeed Shahabuddin, Shamim, Khawaja Saifullah and Anas Nasarullah for understanding the sincerity and importance behind our question. Brother Belal, you seemed also to with your initial emails to us, thank you.

    Anyway, we’ll end here. Thank you all again for your time and effort. We apologize for any misunderstanding and wish you all the best in the future.

    Allah hafiz

    P.S. We had to post this message in this section as the post dedicated to this (started by Brother Belal) above was closed.

    P.P.S. Brother Iftekhar Hassan – we could happily provide the quality paneer you crave, however as you know, we are not from DNF so it probably wouldn’t be sufficient. Let us know.

  9. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Dear Anas,

    Haat Bazzar ka paneer may bahut namak. Mia, maheen ker kay katnay say toot jata, choor ho jata. Humko Maiminsing ka Chandra Bashak bari ka bariya paneer chaheA.

    Mia Mushrraf nana ka Pota ho…Bhool gayo? lol

    You sweet and thank you, dear Anas,

    Jeetay raho, Allah tumko, tumra bibi R bal-buccha koh lumbah zindagi day…Ameen

    Iftekhar Hassan

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