Dhaka Hockey Clinches the title

July 8, 2009

DSC_0313Ahsan Manzil Cup 2009 Hockey tournament was held on July 4th Saturday at Hoffman Park, Queens. The one day league was sponsored by the family website http://www.Nawabbari.com. The day was sunny and bright and the event was attended by large family members. The four participating teams were equally balanced.As per the rule the team that played best (Dhaka Hockey) won the trophy.

K.Nadinm Azhar drove all the way from Virginia to referee. His good judgment skill is appreciated. The other noticeable side was the first time participation of family members from Canada (S.Arshad and Md. Khurram -son in law of K.M.Siraj). Rookie Shahria and Hamza experienced their first ever tournament.

In all aspects, be it umpiring, sportsmanship, team discipline, food or number of spectators- the event was far better and organized than the last edition.

Beside the champion and the runners up additional trophy recipient were K.Rehan Hassan (lifetime achievement) K.M.Siraj (lifetime achievement), S.Khelafat H (lifetime achievement), K.Nadim Azhar (referee), and K.M.Shahrukh (field support).

At the end of the day all participants attended a celebration party at the residence of S.Khelafat Hussain. K.Arsad Abdullah and K.Nadim Azhar contributed with biryani for dinner and followed by Baithak till 2 am in the morning.

Dhaka Hockey: K.M.Siraj (Captain), S.K.Yawer, K.M.Yaser, K.M.Adil, Md. Khurram
Nawab Union: S.K.Anjum (Captain), S.Shahadat, S.Arshad, Shahriar, S.K.Hamza
BSC (Bachelors Sporting Club): Obaid, K.Omaar Hassan Ajju, S.K.Noman, Arafatullah Shahan Shaan (Captain), K.Navees, K.Rameez
UBC (United Boys Club): K.M.Sohaib, K.M.Anas, K.Arshad, S.K.Belal, S.Fardin (Captain), S.Altaf Rumi

Bachelors VS UBC 1-1
Dhaka Hockey VS Nawab Union 0-0
Bachelors VS Nawab Union 0-0
UBC VS Dhaka Hockey 0-1
UBC VS Nawab Union 0-1
Bachelors VS Dhaka Hockey 0-1

Referee: K.Nadim Azhar

Point Table
Dhaka Hockey 7 points
Nawab Union 5 point
Bachelors 2 points
UBC 1 point
**Stay tuned for pictures and the video of the tournament.

6 Responses to “Dhaka Hockey Clinches the title”

  1. zainab Says:

    Like last year the tournament was a blast. The matches were thrilling and the plays breath taking. The biryani was also mouth watering. Congrats to the winning team and better luck next time to the others. I will be looking forward to the tournament of 2010

  2. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:



  3. Syed Shahadat Says:

    The tournament was very good.Every Teams played very well.Every thing was very organise N Nadeem Bhai done very good job.
    I want say Thanks Anas Bhai, Belal Bhai N Arsad Bhai who organise this tournament.

  4. rumibaba Says:

  5. Belal Says:

    Credit goes to Anas Bhaiya and Arshad in organising the tournament.

    – Belal

  6. Arshad Syed, Canada Says:

    Yes; I must say it was quite an experience participating such an event after so long time that had brought back memories of playing Hockey in Nawabbari ( Talaab keenar ). Thanks to the organizers that put together such a tournament and lookin’ forward for the next year, Inshallah.

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