July 1, 2009

Noman” Salam Walaikum everyone. It takes great luck and du’a to go to such an auspicious and holy place that is a piece from Heaven. There is no other place more peaceful and significant than such (Makkah Sharif and Medina Sharif). I have been to Hajj in November of 2007 with my brothers. Now I take another opportunity to take my mother-in-law (Samsun Naher Begum) with me to do Umrah next month (July 2009). Please pray for us so that we can fulfill everything that we are going there to overcome. We will make sure to pray for all of your health, happiness, and life. We will also keep in mind to Insha’Allah bring all the Nawab Barians an invitation from there, so that they can get to experience what most of us have already. May you all stay in the safe hands of Allah and our beloved Rasool, Sallillahu-Alaihi-Wasallam. Wassalam. ”

Syed K. Nomaan

***Others who are performing Umrah from Nawabbari are:
Khwaja Imranul Huq , son of Khwaja Mahbubul Huq and Hamida Begum.
Khwaja Imranul Huq
Family Tree:

Khwaja Mohammed Halim son of K.M.Salim and Qamrunnesa Begum. Contact number 9010611 or 9023 4777

Family Tree:


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