Helpline honors meritorious students

July 1, 2009

Helpline Charitable Foundation (HFC) identified ten (10) meritorious students who have performed outstanding result in their “O” Level and S.S.C Examination during the period 2008-2009. In honor of these students and to encourage them towards making continued brilliant results HCF had arranged a reception on 19th June 2009 and awarded them with certificates and medals. This reception was followed by dinner and traditional cultural function of Dhaka Nawab Family.

Picture courtesy Mohammed Talha

The following students were awarded.
1. Fehma Sadeem (Munazza) “O’ Level 8 “As” in one sitting.
D/O. Khwaja Khawer Wasim
2. Khwaja Yasin Monus GPA – 5 in SSC
S/O. Khwaja Naweed
3. Khwaja Masnoon Zayeem GPA – 5 in SSC
S/O. Khwaja Waquar Azim
4. K.M. Gazali “A” Grade in SSC
S/O. K.M. Saad
5. Mariya Hossain (Shanoo) GPA – 5 in SSC
D/O. Marium Hossain
6. Khadiza Akter “A” Grade in SSC
D/O. Late K. Sikander
7. Syed Amir Hamza GPA – 5 in SSC
S/O. Momshad Hossain
8. Syed Ishaq Hossain GPA – 5 in SSC
S/O. Syed Ibrahim Hossain
9. Khwaja Yasin Arafat “A” Grade in SSC
S/O. K.M. Maqsood
10. Maliha GPA – 5 in SSC
D/O. Syed Rizwan Hossain
Uzair Hyder
** On a sidenote, From Paribagh Syed Uzair Sami Haider, son of Lubna Moinuddin and Sami Haider also did an excellent result in the SSC examinations this year.


2 Responses to “Helpline honors meritorious students”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    A wonderful Achievement by Dhaka Nawab Family Boys and Girls.Our congratulation to them and their parents on their outstanding result.This is an excellent News for us.We are sure they will Inshallah bring more Outstanding result in the future and a bright future awaits you all.All the best.Cheers

  2. Mohd Talha Says:

    Well all the thanks goes to Saber Bhai and HCF for enouraging all the young mind of Nawab Bari.Hope to see more outstanding results near future soon.

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