Open Questions to Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust

July 1, 2009

By Anas Khwaja

Three major developments occurred in the last few months affecting the beneficiaries of the trust. The situation demands the trust to call a special meeting and discuss the developments with the beneficiaries.

1) Feb 05 2009 The government is all set to publish a gazette notification within next week to urgently conserve around one hundred buildings and sites that are parts of the country’s national heritage in the capital.
Buildings to be included in the gazette notification in old Dhaka are: Gol Talaab (pond), Nawab Bari Mosque (close to Rajuk Bhaban), Ahsan Manjil, Weiz House (Weisghat), Madhur Canteen, Sir Salimullah Muslim Hall at DU.
A person may still retain the heritage property under his or her ownership but will not be able to develop or alter it.

As per.N Islam & Co – CA firms 2008 audit report for MAWT, the current market value of the Gol Talaab alone is taka 60 cores.

Question: Can Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust explain the beneficiaries the consequence of this new law?

2) May 21 2009 Dhaka court on Wednesday sent former Awami League MP and corruption convict Haji Mohammad Selim to jail after he surrendered. Judge of Dhaka Special Judge’s Court refused him bail after the Dhaka Metropolitan AL joint general secretary turned himself in to the court that had convicted him.

Question: Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust had formed a special committee to negotiate “Electric Market’s” (5 Wiseghat) development with Haji Selim (Madinah Trading Corporation). There were several meetings held in the past few months. Now with Haji behind bars, what is the future of the Electric Market deal (estimated at Tk 2cr –Tk 20 cr)?

3)June 22 2009 Lawyer Advocate Ghani a.k.a Mahakobi the ex receiver of the Trust passed away in Dhaka. He had couple of litigations pending against the Trust (e.g High court case number 76/2007 claiming the ownership of Gol Talaab, High court case number 159/2005, High Court case number 39/63 (105/8) claiming the receivership of trust).

Question: What will be the legal course of action of Trust? Will it go for out of court settlement now?


3 Responses to “Open Questions to Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust”

  1. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    What is the situation actually? if we own the property then the thing we cannot do is alter the site which we shouldn’t be doing… but I think the problem is that different people forcefully acquired many properties and there have been many irregularities within the family as well regarding proper share and all.

    But does the government plan to pay the people acquiring those properties… if they do pay them.. why then the government wouldn’t make it a public property?

  2. mohd talha Says:

    well the deal of the electric market was done successfully last night i did my best to cover the whole event just keep an eye on face book fan page of Nawab Bari to get all the heat from the event

  3. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Government is not planning to pay, acquire or make this property public. It is very common for a government to declare a building or a neighborhood of either cultural or physical significance a National Heritage site. In such case property owners with restricted rights usually are not compensated. For instance, Gol Talab as per the new ordinance can never be turned to a commercial hub, hereby losing its fair market value, which will be reflected in next year’s Moulvi Abdullah welfare Trust’s audit report.

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