Birth Announcement: Zaara Alesha Rahman

June 15, 2009

Syeda Nabila Anika (d/o Aleya Begum-Goli & Syed Altaf Hossain) & Tanvir Rahman are happy to announce the birth of their daughter Zaara Alesha Rahman.
Anika is the grand daughter of Khwaja Ashraf Alam & Sogra Begum (d/o K.M.Mosharraf). Tanvir is a corporal in the Canadian Army. Congratulation and best wishes to the family.

4 Responses to “Birth Announcement: Zaara Alesha Rahman”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    Our Heartiest Congratulation to Anika daughter of Aliya – Goli and Tanvir Rahman on the birth of their daughter Zaara.Our best wishes.

  2. Salim Syed Says:

    Congratulations Anika. Zaara is a beautiful name. I wish hr all the best.

    Salim Mamu

  3. Imran & Farzana Says:

    All the best to our sweet grand daughter who has been blessed with an equally sweet name. Insha Allah you will make mom and dad proud.

  4. Anika Says:

    Thank you all for the blessings!

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