Khwaja Shabbir Quader- a cultural activist

June 12, 2009

Khwaja Shabbir Quadir
By Anas Khwaja
Khwaja Shabbir Quader was born in Dhaka. His father is Khwaja Rahman Quader and mother Najma Ismail. He was the second son of the family-elder to Shaheer and youger to Tanveer.

Khwaja Shabbir Quader – the name will be remembered in the family for a long time for two reasons- one, he was the first to form a band group in East Pakistan and second as the first family member to play a lead role for a commercial movie.

Shabbir Quader was one of the pioneers to form the first band group in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) in 1967. They were knowns as “IOLITES“. He was the drummer while other members of the group were Alamgir (vocal- famous Bengali singer now settled in Pakistan), Fahmi Omar (base), Rafiq Islam (rhythm) and Fazli Rab (lead guitar). The group’s name was later changed to Windy Side of Care. This band group performed many live shows including one for Karachi TV and also recorded songs with EMI.

Khwaja Shabbir was the first member from the Dhaka Nawab family to act in a commercial film. ** He played the role of one of the heroes in movie Gori. The movie was released on 17 May 1968. Other cast included Rehman, Naseema Khan, Akbar and Meena. Gori was produced & directed by Mohsin for Nargis Productions. Commercially this film did not do well in the box office. Even though he got an offer from Bombay Talkie right after the release.

Khwaja Shabbir (1946-1991), educated in St Gregory and Dhaka Notre dame settled down in the state of California (US) in 1969. He turned spiritual in the eighties, made religious trips overseas and finally died of cancer in 1991. he had two sons Asef, born in 1976 and Rehan, born in 1979. Both are engaged to be married and live in Orange County, Southern California.

We found a clip of the song Pher ek baar wahi naghma goon goonado zara from movie Gori which is posted for the viewers. Other facts of the song are music Samir Das/Karim Shahabuddin (?), lyrics Akhter Yousaf, , singer Bashir Ahmed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Gori", posted with vodpod

Family Tree:

**The last Kiss was not a coomercial movie.

8 Responses to “Khwaja Shabbir Quader- a cultural activist”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Thanks for kind info. I am also fond of music. I had a band group in 1973 name was Jhanker Shilpi Gosti and performed show in BTV in 1974.


  2. Shaheer Quader Says:

    Anas, Thank you very much for an informative artilce on my brother Shabeer. Here are a few items that need correction and/or addition…

    Anas, thanks you, again for the nice article. We appreciate your thoughtfuless.


    Reading about Shabbir brought back fond memories of Dhaka, High School, and Holy Cross College days…we used to love to go for Sunday lunches at the Dhaka Club with our parents just to listen to Shabbir’s band (Windy Side of Care) playing through our club sandwiches and cokes( and giggles). My brother, Kamal Moinuddin( who is in L.A. now and still stirring up a mean beat on the drums at occasional events with brother Popsy)was inspired by Shabbir to take up drumming( to become one of the best drummers of the Miles Band)and Ershad(Popsy) also to go on to become a drummer with another notable Dhaka band.Some memories still live on… overcoming the passage of time.

  4. khawaja ershad moinuddin Says:

    As my sister Raina baji mentioned,Shabbir bhais picture brought back a lot of memories.As a young kid my first experience of a live band was his band the Iolites,at a charity for cyclone victims,organized by my mother,in the late sixties.Besides Fazle bhai & Alamgir bhai,the other two members of the band Fahmi omar,& Rafi were also from the dhaka nawab family.Shabbir bhai was a great drummer &also very popular for his good looks.both me and my older brother Kamal(drummer of Ugly phases& later with the infamous “miles”)were inspired by him.After Shabbir bhai left for the Usa,fazle bhai kept up with the “windy side of care”,which both me(1983) & Kamal(1974) played with .I had last met Shabbir bhai in dhaka,at Gen. Wasi bhais house in 1988.He had become very Spiritual.May Allah rest his soul in peace.

  5. Mrs. Umbereen Rahman Says:

    …..I found the feature on Shabbir Quader very interesting. Who is the writer Anas Khawaja? He seemed to know everything about that era. He has also mentioned having put the song from the movie Gori in which Shabbir Bhaiya starred for the viewers but did not mention where and how can we view it. Is it possible for you to find out from him and let me know? I would love to watch it and download it if I only knew which site. If he can send me the link to the site and if you can give him my e-mail address I shall be most grateful. He also wrote about the band performing for a show in Karachi and many similar shows on Dhaka TV, I would like to know if one can get the tapes or watch them via a link. I would also like to send the link to Najma Apu and Rahman Bhaiya….
    Mrs. Umbereen Rahman
    d/o Khwaja Wasiuddin
    Dubai, UAE

  6. rashid zaidi Says:

    I am amazed that I could find this on Google, wish I had done this earlier on. I am saddened to learn Shabbir passed away. Tanveer and Shabbir were very good friends of mine.
    We grew up in Dacca went to school together from 2nd. grade, till my father passed away in 1961 and I moved to Lahore. I do not remember the 3rd. brother’s name. I would like to meet with his sons as I also live in OC. Please call or email me at the following: tel: 949 940 8330, 949 633 1945. Thank you ,
    Rashid Zaidi

  7. Alexandria quader Says:

    Did u know he had a daughter to?

  8. Md.Nasser Yamin Says:

    I have a record of ‘The Windy Side Of Care’ – Which was released from EMI Pakistan. Three beautiful music tracks are there.

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