Aiyan Shaukat Weds Michelle Ahmed

May 17, 2009

aiyan_michelleMrs. Naila Shaukat (daughter of Syed Khwaja Sharfuddin) writes from Sweden:

Aiyan Shaukat, the only son of Mrs. Naila Shaukat and Mr. Syed Ali Shaukat, got married to Michelle Ahmed, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mansoor Ahmed from Leicester, in England on the 30th of December, 2008.

The Haldi, Mehendi and the wedding ceremony were held in Leicester and were attended by a large number of relations, friends and guests. Mrs. Naila Shaukat held the wedding reception in Stockholm on the 3rd of January,2009 and it was attended by large number of relations, friends and guests. Quite a good number of bride’s relations and friends from Canada and USA came to Stockholm to attend the function. It was very nicely organised and traditional family dishes were served.

Aiyan works for Rabo International Bank in London, as a Manager and Michelle holds a Master’s degree in child psychology from Birmingham University, England.


One Response to “Aiyan Shaukat Weds Michelle Ahmed”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Very nice jori, congratulation Sharfun Baji and Shaukat Bhai.


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