Khwaja Khairuddin Still Reigns from His Grave

May 16, 2009

Its indeed a privilege and a blessing to be a member of one of the most influential political families of the Indian sub-continent — the Dhaka Nawab Family.

Nawab Sir Salimullah, first laid the foundations of the Muslim League in Dhaka, in 1906. Khwaja Nazimuddin was the second Governor-General and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Khwaja Kaiser was the President of  the UN Security Council.

Khwaja Khairuddin, President of Muslim League(East Pakistan), was Mayor of Dhaka and also a Member of the National Assembly.

Sixteen years after his death, Khwaja Khairuddin still reigns from his grave and continues to be an important factor in Pakistan-Bangladesh relations.

Below are recent articles about Khwaja Khairuddin, which have appeared in the Pakistani and Bangladeshi media.


1.  (Pakistani Media)

2.   (Bangladeshi Media)

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