Looking for Info: on James Henry Thomas

May 15, 2009


My great grandfather James Henry Thomas was in the service of Nawab Ashunollah from 1877 to his death in 1887. He went to Dhaka with his wife (name unknown) and two children. He is buried in St. Thomas’ Church, Dhaka.

My grandfather, Albert Douglas Thomas, was born in Dacca and at the age of two his mother died there. Sadly we have no information about her at all.

My great grandfather later remarried a Lavinia Dias in Dacca, she is said to have been the daughter of the Postmaster.

I would love to know more about my great grandfather’s life in Dhaka. If anyone can help me with information I would be most grateful.

Best wishes

Paul Rowland England. Founder & Editor of  The Indiaman Magazine


One Response to “Looking for Info: on James Henry Thomas”

  1. Syeda Nashmin Says:

    I tried searching for any information I could possibly find about your great grandfather. Sadly, I could not find anything. I’m still looking on websites and books to help me find anything just to start off with. I hope you find out all you need about him, as it is a great thing to know about your origin and how you came about. Good luck!
    – Nashmin
    (Daughter of Syed K. Nomaan and Mehbooba Nomaan)

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