Immigration updates

May 15, 2009

K.M.Osman & familySyeda Nazia (daughter of Syed Modassar Hossain & joined her husband Khwaja Osman Ahmed in Totonto as a permanent resident of Canada on May 2nd.

Khwaja Osman Ahmed (son of Khwaja Nesar Ahmed and Najma Begum and grandson of Khwaja Mohammed Mosharraf) is a known face among the family members in Canada. He is another success story of struggling first generation immigrant. After arriving in Canada in 1997 he set up his own travel agency Sun Moon Travel & Tours in Missisauga, which has flourished over time.

The couples are planning to throw a reception party sometime at the end of May. The contact number for Osman Ahmed & Syeda Nazia is 416 828 6666. 

Family Tree:


One Response to “Immigration updates”

  1. Fatima Says:

    Congrats Osman Bhaiya,
    Zaima and Ayan grew so much (Mashallah) since I last saw them.. bring them over to NY 😀

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