Mother: By Syed Khwaja Hamza

May 10, 2009

A mother’s heart pulses for her children;

Each child she loves and cares for the same way.

She tends to them like a cat with kittens;

And gets up early, toiling night and day.


She knows the wants of each and every child;

She knows their needs even before they ask.

Unlike her husband, she is always mild;

And sincerely she tends to every task.


Each child appears a diamond in her eyes!

She works hard to get all the things they need.

Ignoring life she slogs without a sigh;

She is the angel who readies each feed.


There isn’t a soul like mother on this earth;

Who cares for each child selfishly since birth!

“A Sonnet dedicated to my mother and all the other hard working mothers out there”.

Syed Khwaja Hamza



3 Responses to “Mother: By Syed Khwaja Hamza”

  1. Arshi Says:

    Thank You Hamza!on behalf of all the mothers of the world who loves their children & sacrifices herself unparallely till death.
    Love U Ammi.

  2. Mamu Says:

    Beautiful Sonnet. Keep it up!

  3. Chini Nana Says:

    Hamza Mia-
    Bohot Piyara Kabita hai yeah!

    Chini Nana tumpe Fakar Hai!

    Allah tumko tumhare maksad me kamiyaab kare.

    Chini Nana..

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