25TH Wedding Anniversary

May 9, 2009

Music could be turned off by clicking the button on the top left corner of the slide show.

The marriage of Khawaja Ershad Moinuddin, son of Khawaja Moinuddin & Begum Shama K. Moinuddin and Farina Shahed daughter of Khwaja M. Shahed & Begum Rafat Shahed was solemnized at Bagicha on the 6th of January 1984.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of their marriage, they hosted a dinner and a evening of entertainment, on the 17th of January 2009, at the Royal Seville hall in Los Angeles, California.

The occasion was graced by a large number of family & friends. To mention some of the family members, K.M.Sohaib & Shimroz Sohaib from New York, K Reza Kauser & Huma Kauser with daughter from Sacramento, K. Nabil Nasrullah, Prima Nasrullah & family from San Diego, Jamal Khwaja from Woodland Hills CA, Talal Reza& Sheila Rreza from Los Angeles. Seemen Halim ,with husband Sharim & family from Los Angeles, all the way from Sweden Farmin K.Rashed & Sakina Rashed.

All gratitude goes out to brother K.Kamal Moinuddin & Faye Monuddin (bhabi), & her sister Fiona for arranging the event.

Family Tree: http://gupshup1.tribalpages.com/tribe/browse?pid=837&userid=gupshup1&view=18

It is never late to call your dearest and congratulate: 818 554 5036 (Cell)

6 Responses to “25TH Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Raina Abu Zafar Says:

    Masha’Allah. Both my brothers, Kamal and Ershad, and my sisters-in-Law, Faye and Farin, look at the peak of looks and happiness. May allah bless you all with many more such celebrations.I wish I could have been there for the real ‘thing'(for both the couples) as well as this one. Well, these are the little ‘regrets’ that go with living away from home for most of your life. Anyway, there are always other tomes and other occasions to catch up with,Insha’Allah. RAINA BAJI,Zafar Bhai, Ziead, Raiyan and Sana. Riyadh. KSA

  2. Raina Abu Zafar Says:


  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Popsy, really its a great party. congratulation to u and your wife for yr 25th wedding anniversary.


  4. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Congratulation to Farin Phuppu and Popsy Uncle.U both are looking great. may Allah bless u with his blessings.

  5. Saniya Says:

    Farin Phuppie and phoppa congratulations on you silver jubilee. Bride and groom look amazing mashallah. Farin phuppie , I love your saree, hair, jewelry and make. The event look unforgettable! Looks like we missed a lot of fun.

    Love Saniya (NYC)

  6. Manisha Salman Says:

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate Farin Aunty and Ershad Uncle on your 25 anniversary and wish you to go on for decades and centuries with loads of happiness and love. Amen. The family looks very stunning. And specially Farin Aunty and Popsi Uncle you make a beautiful couple and both are looking absolutely elegant and stylish. Mashallah


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