MAWT Publishes calender with family pictures

May 5, 2009

MAWT (Maulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust) has published and distributed a 2009 Gregorian/ Bengali calendar with historical family pictures among the beneficiaries.

The calendar has six pages and in offset print. The wall calendar is 20”X 14” in size. Call (8802 739 6047) or go there physically to pick your copy from the local Trust office at 16/1 Ahsanullah Road, Nawab Bari (provided  if there is any left over).


10 Responses to “MAWT Publishes calender with family pictures”

  1. M Ahmar Usmani Says:


    Mrs Khawaja Taneem ( Mahroon ) visited Bangladesh and she brought lovely calendars with photographs of so many loving people of our family including the pictures of my Nana ( Late Khawaja Ajmal) beautiful picture of yours Saeed Uncle, and so many, I would love if someone can arrange or some possibility of getting those calander’s from Dacca , I am sure that many of the family members from worldwide would be delighted to receive those calander’s and as such if the arrangements can be done than hopefully the charges can be borne by each members requested who interested to hang such a lovely memory at their homes.

    Best Regards and Best Wishes

    M Ahmar Usmani
    Hyundai Corp. Karachi Office
    TEL. +92-21-568-5604
    FAX. +92-21-568-2968

  2. AMR QUADIR Says:

    Dear Ahmar Bhai,

    Glad to hear you liked the calender taken out by the Moulvi Khwaja Abdullah Welfare Trust.
    Toni Khala sent us one from Dhaka, and it’s indeed lovely to see many of out Family members depicted there.

    Interestingly, the Abdullah Welfare Trust has used many of the photos of our Family Members ( Great-Grand Ma Nawabzadi Meher Bano Begum, Grandpa K.M.Adel, Grand Uncle K.M.Ajmal, Grand Uncle Nawabzada Khwaja Nasarullah, Khalu K.M.Shahed and others, which I had taken from Ammi’s (Shaheda Quadir) photo collection.

    Ammi’s photos of our family members were used by me, to illustrate our relatives, when Abbu (Vice Admiral Iqbal Quadir), Ammi & I wrote about our Family member’s achievements, which Qudsia Apa ( daughter of Effat Nasarullah Kadri) printed as a wonderful supplement in her newspaper, Financial Post; to honour the 100 years of the formation of the Muslim League, by Great-Grandpa Nawab Salimullah :).

    Belal (Belal Hassan) very kindly put these articles & photos + the amazing supplements onto the Dhaka Nawab Family Website website, from where the Abdullah Welfare Trust has reproduced these photos 😀

    The calender also has a bit of information about Last Kiss, the romantic-thriller film which was made by Nawab Salimullah’s son – Nawabzada Nasarullah & the Nawab’s nephews – K.M.Adel, K.M.Ajmal, K.M.Azad, Syed Salim, Sahib-e-Alam & others.
    I have gathered a lot of information from Ammi, who actually saw clips of the film Last Kiss which her Dad K.M.Adel had in Dilkusha….I’ve given a lot of information to our relative Mohammed Emad, who is writing a book in Bengali about the film, which should be printed some time this year InshAllah 🙂 Emad Bhai has been very energetic and active about this project, sadly I haven’t been able to co-operate with him as much as I would’ve liked to, due to my at times being on bed rest and in severe pain, due to my 3 slipped-discs !

    I also sent my research about the film Last Kiss, to Anas Bhai (Khwaja Anas of the DNF Website), who has used the information in his article about the film. You can read about the film on the DNF website.

    The calender is a good effort, to let the people of Bangladesh know, about the achievements of our Family.
    I’ll keep you and the family members updated, when the book about our family-film Last Kiss, comes out in Dhaka InshAllah.

    Don’t Noju Khala (Nuzhat Ajmal Usmani) and Nigar Khala (Nigar Ajmal Usmani) look so much like their Daadi – Nawabzadi Meher Bano Begum – the 1st Bengali Muslim artist, who’s work was published & printed 🙂

    Take care Bhaiyya,

  3. khawaja ershad moinuddin Says:

    Its good to know that mawt has come up with a calender, not only honoring our elders,but also highlighting some of the achievements made by them.And to mention one of them,my late grandfather nawabzada khawaja atiqullah,had made tremendous strides,for the development and advancement of sports,within the family and society.My late father khawaja moinuddin,was a stalwart in his times,and was a great goalkeeper for the family’s hockey team.As per elders he played this game with a lot of passion,and my grandfather very proudly followed him to the different venues he played in.
    My dear &respected cousin k.sayeed shahabauddin,had this to say,when i was eager to know about my dads sports accomplishment”I have had the privilege of seeing your father play hockey. He was the most outstanding and one of the finest goalkeepers in Dhaka in those days. He used to be the regular goal-keeper for Bachelors Union, which was the senior most team, the 1st XI, among a number of teams from the Dhaka Nawab Family. Uncle Moinuddin kept goal for the Bachelors Union, year after year, when the team participated in the Beighton Cup, which was the Blue Riband of Indian Hockey, played in Calcutta every year. Teams from all over India, which included all Indian Olympic players representing their respective teams, took part. The world hockey wizard Dhyan Chand and his brother Roop Singh were members of Jhansi Heroes and came to Calcutta to play in this most important Hockey tournament every year. Uncle Moinuddin was brave and most courageous. There had been occasions when he took a full blooded shot on his chest to save a goal.. There were no helmets, and accept for the pads covering the shin and knees, there were no other protective materials in those days. Unlike the goalkeepers of today who look like clowns and are covered from head to foot with protective materials. Like you brothers and sisters all of us feel proud of him and so many other members of our family for the part they played in bringing laurels to the family. I hope I have been able to answer your question and if there is anything else that you would like to know, please do not hesitate to ask, and I will answer whatever I know and remember”
    I would like to say at the end,we should record such memories from our elders,and post up the glorious and commendable achievements of our ancestors and elders,in different fields.

  4. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Congratulation to the present members of the MAWT for publishing such a great calender with so many past glories. Looks like Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust doing so great and they came a long way from the dark days of receivership under attorney Ghani (Mahakobi). Please continue to write success stories. Be united is the words as unity is power. Teamwork and unity is what it takes.

    I also remember my dearest uncle Khawja Abdul Qader (Asad mia)for fighting such a long court battle to get back the trust to the rightful owners. He spend so much of his money, time and energy. May Allah bless his soul and he remains a Jannati.

    Now, may I suggest to the honorable members of the trust (MAWT) to look into establishing some sort of scholarship funds for promising students of the family, whose parents may not have the financial means to support a brilliant student toward higher education. Remember, A mind is terrible thing to waste. Furthermore, A library with internet connection and computer learning center would also be a great idea. I remember there was some discussion regarding opening a library on top of old MAKTAB market when it was sold and some funds were there for that purpose. What happened to that? If it is all possible. Library, computer center etc. can also be put on top of that market where old Maktab was located.

    Old glories are good but family need to get united to provide first class education to their children for future glory and more success stories,

    Respectfully submitted
    Iftekhar Hassan

  5. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Great work I must say… but the abbreviation at the beginning of the article MAWT really scared me! :))

  6. Anas Khwaja Says:

    I have one extra copy of the calender. Please let me kow if anyone needs this in the NY vicinity area.

  7. khawaja ershad moinuddin Says:

    Anas you can fedex it to me,c.o.d.Iwould like to have one.

    Popsy bhai

  8. gupshup1 Says:

    My pleasure.

  9. RainaAbuZafar Says:

    Thank you,Annas,for doing the needful for Uzair. RAINA ABU ZAFAR

  10. Anas Khwaja Says:

    No problem.

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