A letter from DNF Newsletter Editor

May 4, 2009

Dear All, syeed-sahabuddinMy grateful thanks to all those who have been so kind and thoughtful in responding to my request by writing about themselves and their families from Bangladesh, Canada, U.S.A. and Pakistan. This is the only way to help to continue bringing out the Newsletter. Many thanks. I would like to draw the kind attention of all members of the Dhaka Nawab Family to a letter received from AHMAR USMANI, son of the late Nuzhat Usmani (Nojoo), which appears in the “PAKISTAN” section of this issue. He is deeply concerned about the possibility of Family members facing very hard times in these difficult days, and need help, but do not know where to turn. Members are requested to kindly read his letter and feel free to express their views, ideas or suggestions to the Editor by e-mail – sayeed425@gmail.com . Please rest assured that names, of persons expressing their views, will not be disclosed unless they wish so themselves. Please remember, in your prayers, those members of the Family who are ill, at home, or hospitalised, for the Lord Almighty to have mercy upon them and grant them complete recovery and health. With fondest love, blessings and best wishes,

 Sayeed (See attached file: DNF – May 2009.doc)


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