Chat Mangni Pat Biya

April 29, 2009

Groom: Syed Maruf Hossain -son of Syed Abdul Majed & Zubaida Huq of 8 Nilambar Saha Lane Hazaribagh, Dhaka

Bride: Shabnam Begum of Mitford, Dhaka

Wedding: 14th April 2009 Walima: 12th April 2009

Phone number to congratulate: (0118802) 9663894

Syed Maruf is based in Palermo (capital of Sicily) a historic city in southern Italy. He went to hometown Dhaka after long 5 years, and got himself engaged just 15 days ago. May Allah grant health & happiness to the newlywed couple.

Family Tree:


One Response to “Chat Mangni Pat Biya”

  1. Mushfiq Says:

    salaam walikum, its me mushfiq from canada son of syeda nusrat i want to congratulate my uncle maruf a happy wedding and inshallah will meet sometime in the future if allah wishes!!!!!!!!

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