Eartquake in Italy

April 13, 2009

Thousands of mourners have attended a state funeral for victims of Italy’s worst earthquake in 30 years, which killed 289 people and left 28,000 homeless.

Grieving relatives and friends prayed before 205 coffins in the mountain city of L’Aquila, the worst hit town by Monday’s 6.3 magnitude quake.

Officials declared Friday a national day of mourning, with flags flying at half mast, shops lowering their shutters and flights were stopped at airports for one minute’s silence.

At the end of the service, an Islamic rite was held for six Muslim victims, two of them Palestinians.


All the family members in Ialy are safe. The whereabouts are as following:


Khwaja Sahal Abdullah (son of Khwaja Mohammed Abdullah and Tahmeena Begum) and his wife Subiha Shakil (daughter of Khwaja  Shakil Ahmed and Shahana Bulbul Rahman) lives in Rome), only 70 Miles south west of L’Aquila. You can reach the family at 39 320 2646 379.



Sannu (cell 00393392576426) son of Khwaja Tareque Ali and grandson of Khwaja Ashraf Ali and Mohtaram Bbibi  lives in Jesolo, a small island near Venice, 351 miles north west of L’Aquila.



Syed Maruf Hussain son of Syed Abdul Majed and Zubaida Huq) is visiting Bangladesh and was away when the earthquake took place.



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  1. Arshad Says:

    Nice pics bro…..
    Hope all is well. KIT


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