Query: Wize Ghat, Artists patronized by the Nawabs

February 27, 2009

I am writing from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I am Rafi Omar’s Chacha Lt.Col.Nooruzzaman’s daughter.  I am a dancer and researcher.  Presently I have been assigned by the Asiatic Society to do research on 400 years of Dance in Dhaka.

I am trying to collect the following information:

–  Information about the building in which Bulbul Lalitkala Academy is presently housed.  It used to be called ‘Wize/Wise House’ and was attached to the Dhaka Nawab Family.  It is situated within 5 minutes of walking distance from Ahsan Manzil at Wise Ghat.

–  I would also like information about any dance/dancers which/who were patronized by the Nawab Family.

– If there are any documents (letters, bio-graphes, photographs) mentioning artistes/dancers I would be grateful if I were allowed to view them.


I would also like to congratulate you for a very fine site on the Nawab Family.  I see from the site that K.Anas and his wife Sanya are involved in research on the Family.  If I could have their contact emails it would be very helpful.


Look forward to hearing from you,


Lubna Marium

mob: +880-1713040814

House 69, Road 5

DOHS (old), Dhaka 1206


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