Nawab Family properties among others listed as heritage sites: Gazette notification soon to conserve

February 6, 2009

The Daily Star


The government is all set to publish a gazette notification within next week to urgently conserve around one hundred buildings and sites that are parts of the country’s national heritage in the capital.

Buildings to be included in the gazette notification in old Dhaka are: Gol Talab (pond),  Nawab Bari Mosque (close to Rajuk Bhaban),  Ahsan Manjil,  Weiz House (Weisghat), Madhur Canteen, Sir Salimullah Muslim Hall at DU.


Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk), to this effect, sent the gazette notification on Tuesday to the government press for publication, sources said. 

Once the gazette is published no enlisted heritage property can be demolished, reconstructed, altered, and modified in the name of development without approval of the government’s Nagar Unnyan Committee (NUC).
Dhaka Metropolitan Building Rules of 2008 requires approval of the special committee to implement any sort of land development and construction within 250-metre radius of a listed heritage site.

The authorities are thinking of introducing Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) to compensate the private owners affected due to his property being enlisted as heritage property, he said. 

A person may still retain the heritage property under his or her ownership but will not be able to develop or alter it.


4 Responses to “Nawab Family properties among others listed as heritage sites: Gazette notification soon to conserve”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    “There we go again”,Nawab Family properties among others listed as heritage sites: Gazette notification soon to conserve nawab Bari Gol Talab Weiz House dated 5/02/2009.

    What is the President and the Executive Committee members of BE proprietors association doing about this matter Or since last eight years what have they done so far. Sorry, Nothing

    They have been so busy and concern on appointing their own members to Nawab Family welfare association that they have lost the whole property.This association was made with a view to help all family members world wide.But BE Association wanted to place their choice only which was not accepted by myself and Mrs Sarwar Khan.the original members. Neaz was not in favor,he wanted us to accept only the list from “BE” Association. Zaki Ashanullah and K. Haris tried to make compromise but Neaz was not accepting. We told them that the six members are to be selected from approval by all member of nine Sharers world wide.

    During my last visit to Dhaka,I met the Chairman and members of Land Reform Board and was shocked that BE Association had not done any thing to help the family members.The Board had give on lease of our properties to outsider and none to us.What a shame.Even very big Land properties was taken illegally by people like Amin foundation and a big Chunk of Savar land by Bangladesh Army.without any payment to us.

    Dear family members if only you take the list of properties of Dhaka Nawab family in and around Dhaka, you will find all has been taken illegally by outsiders.Even the land reform board says they do not know. They are suppose to be looking after our interest like our BE Association. This is shocking.

    Even Abudullah Trust who are like us has share in GOL Talab have done nothing about it.At least they will be enjoying the fish and earning from it which they have been doing for years.

    Will our dear family members do any thing about it or let it fade away, like alway

    How come only the properties of Dhaka Nawab family are wiped out in a plan manner like our zamidari. We Never got an alternate land in Dhanmandi/Gulshan/Banani/bari dhara or Uttara. Most of our residential land were acquired by the Govt of Pakistan/Bangladesh And we got nothing. Are we that bad?

  2. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    BE associates are a bunch of people who think they are arrogant and the style of election that takes place is pointless like I mentioned previously. The do no real work and they sound like bangladeshi politicians who wakes up after a time (2 years for BE election again) and talk the same old stories and the election is like ‘yeaaa’ and ‘boooo’….

    Reaz Chachu its not a proper association in the first place that we are relying on.

    I would really love to see this way of doing things change really and I can come up with a very good website where we can actually make all the family member vote and also have a section where after every quarterly the association would need to submit a report of what they have been doing in the mean time and all the news and progress.

    We need to change the old ways and also remove some corrupted minds.

  3. Khwaja Ali Madani Says:

    I do agree with the point as Anas says about the reelection of the BE Association…the factr the matter is its time to change and face the music of wisdom. for how long and how many time we see people coming up in the election and do the selection of people who have no time doing things for goods and going abroad for no reason which is total invalid and unjustifiable. my point is we should do the election and this time, young generation of Dhaka Nawab Family should come up and raise the foundation of youth of Nawab Family. Please take neccessary action and place the election whatsoever. Please dont waste time to think the unthinkable and do something for the family.

    Thank You.

  4. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    I would like to point out about GOL TALAB property that belong exclusively to members of the Abdullah Welfare or commonly known as PROJA PARTY. I understand from one former prominent member of AWT Khwaja Rehan Bakth as follows:-

    “If any documentation existed that showed nine sharer’s even had 2% share or ownership interest in GOL TALAB….than, they would built a wall around that 2% area or sell it overnight”. Another source tells me that nine sharer only has right of use and nothing else.

    Based on such statement(s) existence of any legal documents that shows part of GOL TALAB is also own by the Nine Sharer’s would be interesting.

    By the way, Another interesting subject maybe, even those who sold their parental properties in nawab bari from the mother or father side around GOL TALAB can no longer claim share on GOL TALAB. Simply because, GOL TALAB is a communal tank and folks (mostly Vikrampurias) who purchase properties around GOL TALAB can file a petition before any court in Bangladesh on environmental, health and overall community health and welfare ground from anyone trying to convert GOL TALAB into another venture or saying “ALLAH WAHED” to GOL TALAB for commercial purpose.


    Iftekhar Hassan
    Washington DC area

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