War Hero: Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin honored by the International Committee of the Red Cross

January 26, 2009

gupshup1_642715Mr. Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin (or Sayeed Bhai as some of us fondly call him) is the Editor/Writer of the DNF Newsletter.

It is a matter of honor for us that Sayeed Bhai was recently honored by the International Committee of the  Red Cross at PAF Air War College in Karachi. Unbeknownst to most DNF family members Sayeed Bhai was trained as a naval cadet and was held captive by the Japanese during World War II. He later wrote about his experiences in a book, “To HIM I owe my life”, in which he recounted his days in captivity and resounding faith in Allah.

Details of the event honoring our War Hero: Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin can be read by going to the Newsletter section of this website and by selecting the December 2008 edition of the DNF Newsletter.


9 Responses to “War Hero: Khwaja Sayeed Shahabuddin honored by the International Committee of the Red Cross”

  1. Khawaja Saifullah Says:

    You made us proud.

    Khawaja Saifullah
    Son of Late Nawabzada K. Hafizullah

  2. Congrats to sayeed bhai on this great achievement.It is good know that his firm belief in faith,and bravery was given recognition.

  3. zuby Says:

    Congrats Sayeed Mamma

  4. Belal & Beena Says:

    Congratulations Sayeed Bhai !

  5. Amer & Ulfat Says:

    Heartiest congratulations Sayeed Bhai

  6. Imran Ispahani Says:

    Congratulations Sayeed Uncle.

  7. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    a real honour….

  8. I am deeply touched and wish to convey my deep sense of gratitude to all concerned for their kind and gracious comments. May God bless them all and their families with health, every happiness, success and all that is best in this world and in the hereafter.

    I also wish to thank the team of the Family Website for being so kind and thoughtful in publishing this item of an event which touched me deeply. Warm regards, Sayeed Shahabuddin

  9. oliver andrew Says:

    How can I get (and pay for) a copy of Mr. Shahbuddin’s book, please? My uncle was chief officer on Chilka, and also prisoner of Japanese. Perhaps they met

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