Haji S Mamshad Hossain suffered Heart Attack

January 13, 2009

syed-mamshad-hussainHaji Syed Mamshad Hossain (son of Syed Dildar Hossain and Syeda Zubaida Begum) suffered a massive heart attack and has been admitted in a local hospital in Dhaka. Please pray for his quick recovery. Syed Mamshad Hosssain is known to everyone in the family for leading numerous Milaad Mahfils.

Any financial contribution from family members to ease the burden of a hefty medical bill will be appreciated. 


Contact number for contribution: 718 883 7236 (NY) 01552493748 (cell Dhaka) 

Syed Mamshad Hossain on the Family tree:




3 Responses to “Haji S Mamshad Hossain suffered Heart Attack”

  1. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    I talk to Mamshad and his wife, Washington Time 0.38 hours, (a.m) Friday January 15, 2009.

    Mum is doing O.K. and recovering from stroke. Partial side reaction is his lips is a (little bit) crooked. I guess some therapy would help for him to recover to a normal state.

    His wife ask that we pray for him and his early recovery. Obviously, all can contribute to help Mumshad and his family at this time.

    We are praying for him and his family along with helping them as much we can in what ever ways we can,

    Lets unite and help Mumshad


    Iftekhar Hassan

  2. Sarwar Hassan Says:

    I just wanted to let the webmaster and everyone else know that Mamshad mama suffered a stroke(recently) not a heart attack. However he had suffered a heart attack about a year or so ago.

    So as brother Iftekhar has mentioned please lets do whatever we can, not the least of which is praying for him and his family.

    webmaster N.B.:
    He has also performed Hajj, so shouldn’t he have a prefix to his name or something?

  3. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Sure brother Sarwar, He is indeed Al-Haji Syed Mamshad Hossain


    Iftekhar Hassan

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