January 12, 2009


    Source: FOX NEWS 



Nadeem and Sherri Kaiser spent nearly four months in Bangladesh trying to return home with their adopted daughter.
Nadeem Kaiser (grandson of late Ambassador Khwaja Kaiser) and his wife Sherry Kaiser recently adopted a baby daughter, Kalina in Dhaka. This is their story…
ATLANTA (MyFOX Atlanta) — The four month fight to return home from a third world country is finally over for a Gwinnett County couple.  The Kaiser’s — a local couple — were basically stranded in Bangladesh while trying to adopt a child. This family has learned remarkable lessons in love, faith, and never giving up.

Back in September, Nadeem and Sherri Kaiser left for Bangladesh. They had already picked out the little girl they were going to adopt and thought they had all their paperwork in order. So they figured they would be gone three weeks. 
It turned out to be nearly four months before they were back home. A very happy Kalina Kaiser has no idea how special her first six months have been. “It’s like a Christmas miracle, really,” said Kalina’s father, Nadeem Kaiser. It’s a miracle that started in September for Nadeem and Sherri Kaiser.

They chose to adopt in Bangladesh because Nadeem has family there. But shortly after meeting their new daughter there was trouble.

“Suddenly, we didn’t know when we were coming back,” said Nadeem Kaiser. The Kaisers said Homeland Security demanded a set of Nadeem’s fingerprints. But because of an amputation on his left hand at birth his prints are difficult to take — especially in a third world country. 

The couple could have returned home to get the fingerprints taken. But because of U.S. adoption laws, they would have had to leave Kalina behind. “You also have beggars on the street. And women carrying their children who aren’t even dressed and this is their life. And we don’t know what kind of life Kalina would have had if she had stayed there,'” Kalina’s mother Sherri Kaiser. So the new family stayed together in a relative’s small apartment. Weeks turned into months waiting for the government to approve the prints.

“There were moments when you felt panicked, just being there and not sure who was helping you or how you were going to get home,” Sherri Kaiser said.

Family members in Gwinnett County wrote letters and both Georgia senators tried to speed along the process. Nearly four months later the prints were approved and the family came home Christmas eve. That gave Nadeem just enough time to get to work for a few hours at Suntrust Bank — on the last day his bosses were holding his job for him. “I came straight from the airport, took a shower, and went straight to work and told everybody ‘Ok, I’m here,” said Nadeem Kaiser.

Was the whole process worth it? Sherri Nadeem said it was “to get a little girl like her. We don’t have any regrets about it. We prefer not to go the hard route again, but it was definitely worth it, to get her.”

The Kaisers said they’re not sure why it took so long to get the prints approved or why they were needed in the first place. Before they went to Bangladesh, they said they turned in prints to the FBI as part of the adoption process. 


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