Election 2008

December 30, 2008

Photo Courtesy Mohd Talha

**The Awami League-led grand alliance has swept back to power after seven years out of office with a stunning landslide victory.The grand alliance has clinched two-thirds majority with 262 seats compared to its archrival BNP-led four-party alliance’s 32.


**EU chief election observer Alexander Lambsdorff said political parties should accept the elections if results are credible.


**The turnout in ninth parliamentary election is the highest ever in the history of Bangladesh (85%) with little possibility of fake votes having been cast due to the new system with a voter roll that had photographs to confirm one’s identity.


**Enthusiastic first time voters representing almost one-fourth of around 81 millions on the electoral roll exercised their franchise with the hope of a positive attitude in members of next parliament.


**It was a watershed day yesterday for the Biharis in Bangladesh as for the first time since independence they cast votes in a general election here.Stranded and stripped of franchise since 1971, they swore allegiance to the country only recently and became voters. The turnout of the Urdu speaking voters in Mohammadpur and Mirpur, the areas where they are mainly concentrated in, was noticeable. Hundreds of Biharis queuing in front of Shaheed Abu Taleb High School. Their body language said it all. They beamed with joy as they inched towards the ballot booth.


**The voters from the Nawab Bari area voted at Bulbul Lolitkola Acedemy polling station.


**Results of the selected constiitency:

Dhaka 6 (Ahsan Manzil constituency)

Mizanur Rahman Khan (AL 1,03,737) beat Sadek Hossain Khoka (BNP 72,456)


Joypurhat 1 (Candidate with Family name Khwaja, but not related to the Nawab Family)

Mojahar Ali Pradhan (BNP 1,64,820) beat Khwaja Shamsul Alam (AL 1,30,529)


Results of the constituencies contested by the in laws of the family:

Dhaka 14 SA Khaleq (BNP) lost to Md Aslamul Huq (AL)


Dhaka 8 Rashed Khan Menon (Bangladesh workers party 97,841) beat Habib un Nabi Khan (BNP 63,860)


Madaripur 1  Abdullah Mohd Hasan (Islami Oikka Jote 20,443)  lost to Nur E Alam Chowdhury of AL (1,19,767)

3 Responses to “Election 2008”

  1. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Sabash Bangladesh.

    Joy Bangla,
    Joy Bongobondhu,
    Joy hok Songrami Jonotar.

  2. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    It is very proud to hear that Mizanur Rahman Khan Dipu of Awami League has won from Dhaka 6.Dhaka 6 was always for BNP leader Sadek Hossain Khoka,he won continues 5times from there.It is great success for the party leaders and members and also a Success for Sheik Hasina because she herself coudnt beat Khoka from Dhaka 6.First of All congratulations to Mizanur Rahman and To Awami League.Then heariest congratulation Quayyum Bhai (son and Son in law of Nawabbari) and Ershad bhai (son of nawabbari) for this two great person Mizan was able to win from Nawabbari.They have worked very hard for this revulution.It is tottaly thier contribution in making MIZAN A MP from Dhaka 6.we would like to thank them for such contribution.I would also like to congratulate my Father Khawja MD Sayeed who is very devoted supporter of Awami League.Now we really happy because Khokas days are over he has looted everything he could.we hope this goverment will give us golden days.I would request on behalf of most family members to Quayyum bhai to fight for comissioner election.we are with u Go on.

    Khawja Moshahed

  3. Rumibaba Says:

    Aww poor Khaleque better known for frequently changing his political colour, had been with the BNP during the rule of the late President Ziaur Rahman. He later joined General Ershad’s Jatiya party. He returned to the Khaleda Zia-led BNP after the Ershad government had been overthrown.” This time he ran for BNP and lost by a big margin. So i guess this time they checked your Educational background eh 😉 Hope you are feeling comfortable in your day job which is in Gas station.

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