Dhaka Amar Dhaka opens Nov 28

November 21, 2008

The 400th anniversary of Dhaka as the capital city will be celebrated amid massive festivity and colourful activities.

A three-year state-level celebration titled ‘Dhaka Amar Dhaka,’ will be launched on November 28 followed by a daylong programme on the next day.

Committees and sub-committees have been formed to organise and manage the anniversary programmes expected to run till 2010.

The celebration events include firing of cannon, grand rally with horses and elephants, fireworks show and releasing of fanush (lantern) on the opening day.

Among other special arrangements there will be traditional Kawali concert, dances, poetry recitals and performance by Dhaka’s famous traditional comic acts.

To recollect the lost heritage of the city the celebration will also include ‘Dhakaiya’ food festival, boat race, kite festival and display of Dhaka’s world famous fabricsthe Muslin and Jamdani.

During the three-year celebration special arrangements will made to put up shows at Ahsan Manzil, and other historical places and heritage sites to reintroduce the histories and legends of the city to the new generation.  To read detail please click the link below:


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