Take your sweetheart to Ahsan Manzil

November 6, 2008


While there aren’t that many must-see historical sites, the ones there are are very popular with Bangladesh’s courting couples. At the colonial palace of Ahsan Manzil, you’ll be guaranteed to see couple after couple ensconced in nooks and crannies, having a quiet chat, gazing into each other’s eyes or, if they’re super daring, holding hands.

Bangladesh’s Muslim culture frowns a little at unmarried love, so if you want to get to know your future wife or husband there’s nowhere better than a historical site: there’s almost no chance of running into a neighbour or family member, entry is practically free, and you can learn a little about your country while you’re there. Even if you’re not traveling with your crush, Ahsan Manzil is definitely worth a visit: this recreated turn-of-the-century mansion is packed with intriguing trinkets, and it costs all of 3 cents to get in. Jane Rawson



Jane Rawson launched her traveling career at age one, when she moved to Delhi, and her writing career at age five, when her poem “My pussy cat” was published on the fridge. Since then, her fiction has been published by Cardigan Press and her travel writing by Lonely Planet, while various employers have paid her to churn out copy on topics as gripping as management training, Eastern European hotel bedspreads and superannuation legislation. After stints in Phnom Penh, Prague, San Francisco and Canberra, she has settled down in Melbourne with a truck driver and a small cat (but not the cat in the eponymous poem) where she worries about the future and enjoys microbrewed beer, vegetable gardens and arguing online with people she has never met. You can find her online (occasionally) at travelskerricks.blogspot.com


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