Hajj 2008

November 4, 2008


K.M. Adil Asif, (son of  the late K.M. Asef and the late Qamar Bano) his wife along with three sons Afaque, Zaiyyan and Nasif, will, Insha Allah, be performing HAJJ this year. They will be leaving on the 14th of November. 

Other family members who are going to perform the Hajj this year are  

From Mirpur Dhaka Syeda Nusrat (d/o Syed Dildar Hussain).

From Paribagh Dhaka : Mohammed Ibrahim (s/o Hanifa Begum and grand son of K.M.Mosharraf) and his wife Reshma Begum.

From Nawab Bari Dhaka: Amin and his wife Luna and his mother in law Zafar Bano (d/o K.M.Ashraf).

From Uttara Dhaka : Khwaja Khawar Hassan and his wife Shaheeda Maqbul (Sheeda).

From Toronto, Khwaja Zafarul Huq (s/o Khwaja Fazlul Huq-Hafez)

May Allah accept their Hajj.


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