Academic Achievements

September 6, 2008

From UMBEREEN RAHMAN in Dubai (U. A. E.)
UMAIR, our younger son, born on 19th November 1991, appeared for his O’ level exams from DUBAI GEM PVT.SCHOOL, where he has been studying since KG1.

By the grace and mercy of the Lord Almighty, and the hard work he put, he has achieved outstanding results. He secured 7A’s with stars and 2 A’s, altogether 9 A’s in 9 subjects.

From the results that we got through the website, it appears very likely that he has topped in his school. We are now looking forward to the re-opening of  schools on 1st September, after the holidays, when we hope to know, for certain, the position he has attained.

From NAHEED AHMAD in Karachi

We are happy to announce that both our sons, NAADIR and TAYMUR, completed their final A level and O level examinations, respectively.

Taymur obtained 8 A’s and 2 B’s in his O level examination.
Naadir finished school this year getting A’s in all the five subjects he sat for in the A level examination.

We are delighted with their results and pray that Allah bless them in all their future endeavours.

DNF Mgmt:
If your child, brother, sister or any other relative has:
1.  achieved outstanding results in any major exam i.e the O or A level exams,  SSC or HSC/High School, exams, BBA, MS, MBA, MPA, Phd, ACCA, CA, CPA, CFA, USMLE, MCAT exams;

2. received a scholarship (Fulbright, Rhodes);

3. has been accepted to a top-tier university i.e. Ivy League schools, Oxbridge;

4. or has been offered a job i.e. at a big multinational firm (i.e. Mckinsey), investment bank (i.e. Goldman Sachs) or international institution (i.e United Nations, USAID, CIDA)

please share it with us and with the world, don’t just keep it to yourselves and your drawing room…

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