Nawab Bari Primary Health care completes 1st year with Milad

August 28, 2008

On the first anniversary of the Nawab Bari Primary Health care, its members organized a Milad Mehfil at the Nawab Bari Jame Masjid .The Milad was attended by around 120 people.


Khwaja Mohammad Yousuf Jamal



12 Responses to “Nawab Bari Primary Health care completes 1st year with Milad”


    OF N B P H C.

  2. Rushu Says:

    Congratulation all the Member & well wisher of Nawb Bari Primary Health Care Center for successfully completing one year & to mark the day successfully organized blood donation program & Milad Mahfil.

    Special thanks to yousuf (son of Nanna Bhai) who has given tremendous effort whole day long to coverage the program, he want posted this in DNF site but unfortunately his coverage had fall in edit process.

    Don’t worry Yousuf when you intend to do good work this type of edit /delete process will come to you don’t see behind pick it up your good work.

    Thanks once again all the member of NBPHC.


  3. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Congratulations to the members and the donors of the Nawb Bari Primary Health Care Center.May Allah bestow his blessings to u guys.

    Nice work yousuf i have seen your original coverage of the day long program.No problem this things happen when good people write good things there one is edited and deleted before printing so don’t worry.You keep up ur effort.


  4. Bushra Hassan Says:

    wishing everyone behind this organization all the success i know sky is the limit but nothing is impossible for you all wish you all the success

  5. Khawaja Abul Hassan Says:

    Dear Gup Shup visitors,

    My earlier comment on this post has been deleted. I am adding more on this topic which I hope will survive the scissor of censorship.

    Let me be very clear with you. I am a family member and I am also from Nawab Bari. Currently I am living in West Germany but haven’t forgotten my root. I am visiting Bangladesh for a month for vacation. Any fellow Nawab Barian can contact me at 01199003061. I am not afraid to say what’s right.

    Do you know Mr.Xyz got shops in Gulshanara city and where is Mr. Xy these days? He is in India to make a deal of the Electric Market with Haji Salim.

    I know what I have to do because the feeling of having corruption in the family is very torturous. W are nothing but hypocrite. When the trust election happens then everyone care for the Khawaja’s living in the Magh Bazar or outside the Nawab Bari as they are the biggest vote bank. Once the voting session is over nobody bother to know about us. We also dont expect any sympathy from them either.

    If you want I won’t ever write in this site but it really feels bad. Readers are not aware of the leaflets being spread all over Nawab Bari about the seven (7) people who went to India for the electric market deal. Dont you think its bad for the family? I think it’s high time for us to take some step to save our heritage. We dont need any money. All we want is to keep our reputation in a good stand.

    Well sorry for wasting your precious time, take care and Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family.

    Khawaja Abul Hassan
    S/O Late Khawaja Tajammul Hassan
    (West Germany)
    Cell 01199003061

  6. Khawaja Abul Hassan Says:

    Whom should we blame this time Maulana or his Muridans well what is more important is we need to stop all those hypocrite who got share in Gulshanara city now from depriving the the beneficiaries form selling Electric Market.

  7. Arshad, Syed (Canada) Says:

    In reference to the very last comment- I don’t need to know who you are that you claim to be you are and how legit your accusations are but your comments are rude and lacking professionalim and not represetative of the culture that we are building here within DNF web site.

    I would encourage you strongly, in future not to bother submitting post or comment for this blog, if you are unable to position them in a way that is professional & respectful.

    Thank you.

  8. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Mr Abul Hassan its nice to hear that you r coming to bangladesh for 1month visit.i request u to visit nawabbari and trust and explain ur ideas and future planning.dont blabber around in thjs website.if u have so much allegations pls cum and fight election lets see how many nawabbarians votes u.App log door mein beit ke lamba lamba baath karte samne aane se hawa likal karengay woh karengay its not so time se comment likhne se pehle sochke likhna.kaabhi aya ni nawabbari ka khabar lene aaj website me hero banraha.

  9. Khawaja Abul Hassan Says:

    Thanks for writing son let me be very clear with you i know these are not your words but the aggression from those who are corrupts .Do you want me to fight election in Nawab Bari well I will do that , but let me remind you something when good people like Sabber Bhai got elected he got out by the conspiracy of few Corrupts running in our veins. Honest candidates like Mahamudul Hassan and Iqbal Sir never got chance to get nominated cause corrupts never let them to stand to fight for the rights for the beneficiaries .You want me to come in Nawab Bari Trust what do you expect me to do there when you all are failing to bring changes while you all are living in Nawab Bari .Whatever changes we have seen so far in Abdulla Welfare Trust came through Nawab Bari Shangshad they have played a vital role in the development of Nawab Bari so far . They bought Sabber Bhai , Manzar Bhai , Najmul Bhai , Amjad Mia, Abdullah Bhai . Nawab Bari Shangshad didn’t bought anyone who is involved in Gulshanara Scandal.Well you want to know about my future planning well let me be very clear with you I am not blabbering around any web site I am not afraid of any one and I don’t feel guilty to say whats right .Hum looog door mein beit ke lamba lamba baath karte nahi ok Tell me something Aap looog saam naa rahaka kaya karta.What you all did when some one poisoned the whole pond killing all the fishes did you ever tried to protest for it you didn’t .Think App loog hawa nikal gaya tha taab.You all talking about the Trust but don’t you think its a big loss for the beneficiaries .People like XYZ receives 25thousand for enjoying sweets from Gulshanara deal where have you all been then we are living far away from our roots but you all where there to save the rights of the beneficiaries what you all did the “Hawaya kaya succk Gaya tha taab” 25 thousand Taka is a lot of money to run a family for months in Nawab Bari for a deprived Beneficiaries.Each of the members enjoyed 2 shops from Gulshanara along with cash and in returns the 2000 beneficiaries got only 10 lac taka divided between them . When this type of deal was going on where have you all went these stuff where happening in front of you all i came to know all about it very later .I am also thankful to Late Khawaja Ayaz Sir who was the only person who fight for the right of the beneficiaries and also file a case against the deal of Gulshanara City .
    Dear Brother Arshad I know i was really rude with my words but let me tell you something when your own blood was getting rude with this boy name Mohd Talha where have you all went didn’t you think its high time to teach some manners to your young blood like Khawaja Moshaid and Khawaja Yousuf Jamal he didn’t said anything bad about anyone he just tried to portray the workings of Nawab Bari Shangshad and Abdullah Welfare Trust do you think what he did is bad . Well i think its the culture which is getting popular these days in Nawab Bari its like when anyone tries to do anything good he got stopped on the spot .We are really getting famous these days by introducing a culture rightly called the Leaflet Culture how much one can humiliate to his fellow family member they are running in the same rat race to back bite, insult and to physically assault each other.What have you done about the recent Leaflet which has been spread all over about the Indian Trip do you really think taking trips like that will make you any good in the long run of saving the right of beneficiaries ? Why didn’t you guy made any rally or procession about the recent spread of leaflets when you all know who is spreading and humiliating our own brother .(AAP LOOG KAYA SIRF NARAM KA UPAR GARAM HOO SAKTAA AABI GARAM HOOYIA HAWA NICKAL JAYA GAA)
    Why don’t you all take any step these days are you all trying to instigate this rubbish culture of leaflets.
    Well last but not the least about my nomination for the Trust Election whom do you want me to stand against Khawaja Syaed the one who got elected last time fighting with the weakest candidate (weakest candidate by so far means he was honest all the way, man of principle and didn’t not adopt any unfair way to win his election)
    Khawaja Sayed some how got elected with only few votes thanks to Pullan Bhai who used the name of Help Line with his false rumour of donating 1 crore which influence the voters otherwise things would have been …….
    and about being hero in this website is not my motto Moshaid I am a part of Nawab Bari and you cant deny this fact and “AAP LOGONA KAYA KIA SAAM NAA RAHA KAAR “what info you want me to take about Nawab Bari when its filled with good peoples like you all i thought its in a good hand but when i am back here i found all these going .
    Well i would suggest you one thing if you really want to bring any changes plz encourage the xyzs who took the trip to India to handover there shops which has been locked up by our beloved Haaji Sab to the Abdullah Welfare Trust for the greater interest of all the deprived Beneficiaries
    Dear Anas hope this time i will get away from the scissor of the censorship of this website once again i am thankful to you for giving us this informative and helpful website to raise our voice against whats going wrong these days.

  10. Khawja Mushahed Says:

    Dear Brother,
    I totally agree with u.I support ur points. I agree that my father has done wrong and he will continue in future also. Lets see what u can do Mr Abul Hassan. Ek Bal bhi unka baaka nahi kar sakengay aap Inshahallah or ya koi bhi.He won election against so called honest murrabbis and he will again fight and will win Inshallah.I can challenge u.We will wait for u to fight election against My Dad and we will see who will win.
    Khawja Moshahed
    (Son of Khawja Md. Sayeed)

  11. Mohd Talha Says:

    eid mubarak wishing everyone behind Nawab Bari Primary Health care a very happy eid

  12. dilshad younus (shagori) Says:

    CONGRATULATION!!!! I’ m really glad to see this accomplishment at Nawabbari and I hope this health care will help the people who are really in need.

    keep up the good work!!


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