Celebrating 150 years of Sir Salimullah Medical College

August 26, 2008

Md Rajib Hossain

     If you roam around the Mitford Hospital area of the old part of Dhaka in recent days, you will notice numerous festoons and banners all around informing you about the glorious 150 years of Sir Salimullah Medical College (SSMC) and Mitford Hospital. This magnificent institute stepped into150 years on 1st May 2008 (1858-2008). It’s the oldest hospital in the country and also one of the earliest hospitals in this subcontinent from where the evolution of medical education started. …….


     From the inception, the hospital was under the administration of a board accountable to Dhaka Municipality. Another female ward was added to the hospital in 1882 with the generous donations from Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah of Dhaka and Raja Rajendra Narayan Roy of Bhawal. Nawab Ahsanullah also donated Rs 50,000 to set up Lady Dufferin Hospital within the same compound in 1888-89….. It got the recognition of a first grade hospital in 1917……..


     A medical school was set up on 15th June, 1875 on the compound attached to the hospital to meet the demand of medical education.…A total number of 384 students got admitted in the school in the first batch. They got admitted for a course leading to a diploma of LMF (Licentiate of Medical Faculty) offered by the State Medical Faculty.The LMF course was abandoned in 1957. Medical school was converted to Medical College in 1962 and then it was named “Sir Sallimullah Medical College” (SSMC) after the name of Nawab Sir Salimullah. …….


     Renowned urban historian Dr Sharif Uddin Ahmed who is also the author of the book ‘Mitford Hospital and Dhaka Medical School: History and Heritage, 1858-1947′ has told Star Campus about the historical background of the institution. He said that ‘Mitford Hospital is not merely a hospital but also a part of our history. It was established with the goal of flourishing medical education in East Bengal and set up an international health research center to provide better healthcare services to our people. But the goal hasn’t been fulfilled properly. Particularly the dirty environment of the hospital makes me sad and it should be improved immediately. He urged the authorities concerned to preserve the archeological building infrastructure and ramp up their efforts to make the hospital as an icon of ideal public hospital.’

   RELATED WEBSITES  www.ssmcalumni.org    www.ssmc.edu

   The article in Detail http://www.thedailystar.net/campus/2008/05/02/camspotlight.htm


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