Interview oh Khwaja Kamel by RTV

August 19, 2008
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Khwaja Kamel son of Khwaja Abdul Razzak (Pini Mia) is a grass root political activist since his early childhood.

He is famous for arranging Fateha every year on Nawab Sir Salimullah’s birthday. He invites political leaders from Muslim League and dignitaries including the Pakistani consul general in Begum Bazar.

In this video he is caught in Mohd Talha’s camera while speaking to RTV journalist.


4 Responses to “Interview oh Khwaja Kamel by RTV”

  1. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Thanks this video was not aired by RTV in its entirety. I hope Mr. Kamel is just presenting his personal views and not speaking on behalf of the family. His demand for tax break for the family members is outrageous and put down the family’s reputation.

    Throughout the interview he is heard screaming or fumbling for words. He starts with proposal of renaming a bridge after Sir Salimullah! This is a demand which has already been granted .On Nawab Salimullah’s 92nd birth anniversary Mayor of Dhaka Sadeque Hossain Khoka declared that the second Buriganga Bridge will be named after Nawab Sir Salimullah. See the following link:

    Another piece of misinformation was that the Salimullah Hall and the Salimullah Orphanage was built by Nawab Salimullah. On the contrary in order to commemorate his contribution these institutions were named after Nawab Salimullah.

    There was no such deed as mentioned in his interview that gave the family members relief from the Dhaka City Municipal Tax or the electricity charges. His complain of double billing is baseless and severing the service for the unpaid dues is quite obvious.

    I believe it is time to select a media spokesperson to represent the family who have better command of language as well as acquainted with the family history.

  2. Khawaja Saifullah Says:

    I 100% percent agree with the opinion of Anas. A wrong word from a person will jeopardize the goodname of our family

  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    That’s true Mr. Saifullah. I am also totally agree with the Anas’s opinion. In future we should be more careful regarding this matter & will have to select a capable person.

  4. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Well, Khwaja Kamel is Khwaja Kamel, the one and only self appointed Nawab Sir Salimullah’s flag bearer since 1967. Thou, how unprofessional he may have sounded on the interview. That is what exactly happens when you let an unprofessional do a professional job.

    While we must appreciate Khwaja Kamel’s relentless effort to keep Nawab Sir Salimullah’s many contribution and memmory alive among the new generation as a profound contribution.

    Blame must go back to the family members, who failed to put up a united family institution in the name of Nawab Sir Salimullah to reflect where family stands in terms of socio-political issues that we face everyday.

    Free property tax, free water, free electricity…hahahahaha, well that is Khawja Kamel’s personal mind speaking.


    Iftekhar Hassan

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