Nawabbari Primary Health Care will complete its first year!!!

August 11, 2008

Nawabbari Primary Health Care, which is a free treatment centre for the Nawabbarians will complete its first successful year on 17th August.


The organization which began its operation on 17th August 2007 with a motive to serve the Nawabbarians, is situated near the Chaman. The health care is under the management Khwaja Muhammad Hanif (Nanna), who is also the President of the organization. The organization also has Khwaja Sayeed, Khwaja Sayem, Khwaja Zulfiqar, Khwaja Taher, Khwaja Zartaj, Aminur Rahman Amin, Khwaja Daniel, Khwaja Abed, Khwaja Kaleem, Khwaja Rahabour, and Khwaja  Sohail Hafiz (Rushu) as its respected members.


The Health Care which is only open the Nawabbarians, so far has over 100 card holders. It also offers free medicines to the patients along with Diabetics check-up and free nebulizer to the Asthma patient.


Apart from its treatment service, the organization has also arranged free Arabic lessons for the poor. Around 30 children every morning are being taught Arabic lessons by a qualified Hafez of the area.


Last month the organization along with Dhaka City Corporation has started a free education service for the poor.


 To mark its first anniversary, Nawabbari Primary Health Care is planning to hold a day-long program on its premises on 23rd August. That will include events like Milad Mehfil and Blood donation.

The president is expecting every family member’s blessings and co-operation.



Khwaja Muhammad Yousuf Jamal

(S/o of Khwaja Muhammad Hanif) 


Edited by S. K. Belal Hassan


5 Responses to “Nawabbari Primary Health Care will complete its first year!!!”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    I congratulation to Zarrar Bhai for this great and noble work for the Nawabbarians. Really i am very much happy to see this type of work in Nawabbari.
    Zarrar Bhai you are great. You are doing a lot for this family.

    I want to attach with this organisation. Pls let me know what to do.

    God bless you and your organisation.

    Khawja Waqar Azim
    Cell # 01711863028

  2. khawja Sohel Hafiz Says:

    Oh! Masha Allah

    Congratulation all of those who involved such a dignified work.

    Wish every success of this great organization.
    & pray that may Allah give his rahamat upon all of you for this noble wok.


  3. Arshad, Syed ( CANADA ) Says:

    My heartiest congratulation to the members of this organization on marking 1st year anniversary and also the well wishers, donors who made it possible. Wishing & praying that May Allah bestow his mercy upon you that are directly & indirectly involved.

    One hadith related by Abu Hurairah (ra) tells that the Prophet (saws) said: “Whoever removes a worldly grief from a believer, Allah will remove from him one of the grieves on the Day of Judgement. Whosoever alleviates (the) lot of a destitute person, Allah will alleviate his lot in this world and the next. Whosoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, Allah will conceal his faults in this world and the next. Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids his brother.”

    The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.” – Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 604

  4. Khwaja nazim rumi.s/o Khwaja Abed ullah Says:

    May allah bless this organization and all of its members. Hope, this noble work will be spread to the whole nations.

  5. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Mashallah,It has completed its one year.Jazal Allah Khair to all the members and donors and may Allah bestow his blessings on them.


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