Good News from NY

August 5, 2008

S.K.Anjum Hassan and has been released from the hospital is on his way to full recovery. He is thankful to the family members for their prayer and the support.


We are also happy to announce the rescheduled date & venue for the 4th Annual NYC DNF picnic which is mentioned below:


Date: Sunday 10th of August

Place: Heckscher State Park

Heckscher Parkway East Islip, NY 11730

Phone: (631) 581-2100

Website: Park Website:

Please help us budget and plan by confirming your participation by Thursday August 7.


For payment arrangement plan please call:


Khwaja Arshad Abdullah ((646) 932-9020)

Syed Shahadat Hussain (347 730 3291)

S.K.Belal Hassan: (917 859 7036)

Anas Khwaja (718 606 9487)


Please do not embarrass us by calling the night before picnic or paying dues on the picnic day.


We appreciate your patience and understanding for the rescheduled date.


6 Responses to “Good News from NY”

  1. chote khwaja Says:

    what time will the picnic start?

  2. nashmin Says:

    i’m very happy that anjum chachu has returned home safely. we’re all praying for his quick recovery at home still… and arshad mammu, since when is ur last name abdullah? lol

  3. nashmin Says:

    and… anjum chachu was “discharged” from the hospital, not “released” … no one trapped him there lol!!

  4. fatima Says:

    Thankfully, Anjum Mama was discharged from the hospital and hopefully feels more better :].

    Its awesome to hear the picnic is on, bring on the beach, the games, & the “yummy” food!


  5. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    This is good news and we are very happy to note Anjum is out of hospital. Now we pray for his full recovery.

    Iftekhar Hassan

  6. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Anjum God bless you. Really it is a very good news that you back home. I pray for you.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

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