Ali Weds Fatima

July 25, 2008
The Wedding Ceremony of Khwaja Md. Ali Madani Nasarullah son of Late Khwaja Masood Nasarullah (s/o. Late Nawabzada Khwaja Nasarullah) and Mrs. Nasreen Masood (Grand Daughter of Nawab Bahadur Nawab Ali Chowdhury) with Fatima Qadri the eldest daughter of Zubair Qadri and Khadija Qadri (d/o late k.Sultan & Talat Alam) was held on 17th of July 2008 at Ladies Club, Dhaka.

Please make doa for the newly wedded couples and wish them luck. 

Khwaja Anas Nasarullah

9 Responses to “Ali Weds Fatima”

  1. Reaz Salim Says:

    Our Heartiest Congratulation to Anas Nasarullah and fatimah on their recent wedding.Our prayer is alway with you two.We wish you both long life,Happiness,Love and Peace. take care

    Reaz chachu – The Paribaghians

  2. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Chacchu!!! its Ali bhaiyas wedding :D… my elder brother. I am yet to get married 😐 … 😀 … I ‘ll convey your doas to them 🙂

  3. Naisa Afifa Says:

    Heariest congratulation to the couple and we wish them a happy married life.

    Murshed and Naisa

  4. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Mashaallah… Khoubsurat jori. Allah ki rahmat tum per her dum rahey.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  5. arshi anjum Says:

    dear Fatima & Ali

    Congratulations!Best Wishes & love.May Allah bestow you with happiness & prosperity in this world & hereafter.Our good wishes & blessings are always with you.
    From;Arshi khala,Anjum khalu,Hamza, Basma &Rabia.

  6. zainab Says:

    Congratulations on ur wedding.. hope u both have a wonderful life together

  7. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Dearest Dulhan Fatima and Dula Mia,

    Congratulation and happiness to both of you. Fatima, I dont think I ever saw you. But you are very special to me

    When I saw the name of your grandfather and grandmother, I had to write few words. By the way I do remember your mother Khadija and her two brothers (your uncles) when she was maybe 2/3 years old during East Pakistan days. I was than about 12 years old.

    It is your grandfather K. Sultan who remained in my heart as one of the greatest human being I have ever met. He was simply a Farishta type of human being. I always thought he was a Wali !. He was a just a perfect human being ! A great Muslim. I wish we were all like him….every muslims on this earth must know our Khawaja Sultan bhais ways of life. Always be proud of your Grandfather. he was a legend and yet simple.

    I remember, it was him who took me and Hola (marhum K. Hyder Reza now) to now famous Tongi Estema which just started to take roots in Tongi, Dhaka. Your grandmothers brother Marhoom K. Mujib became my friend during this time. Whenever, I used to visit Bangladesh. Mujib/Hola was always at the airport to recieve me.

    Please note, If you ever visit U.S.A with your Dula mia, you all are invited to visit us in U.S.A. Stay with us as long as you both wish. We will show you around Washington DC and New York area.

    At last I must admit you both look a perfect match. Its like pair made and bless by heaven. Be happy,

    My salaam to your grandmother and your mother.

    With Joy!
    Love Always

    Iftekhar Hassan
    Washington DC area

  8. Tayeb khalu&Sabila khala Says:

    Dearest Fatima&Ali

    Congratulation!Best Wishes & Love.May Allah give both of you a happy life.

  9. Syeda Ayesha Quadri Says:

    Dear Fatma apu n Ali bhaya,wish u a very happy married life n all the best for your future.May Allah bestow you with lots of happiness,my dua and best wishes are always with you.Take care,Allahafez.

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