Update: The 4th Annual NY Family Picnic

July 18, 2008

Picnic Updates: The 4th annual family picnic has been rescheduled for Sunday August 3rd.

This year’s location is Lake Sebago Beach at Bear Mountain, NY 10911. Details are as following.

Park Phone:  (845) 351-2583

Park Website: http://nysparks.state.ny.us/parks/info.asp?parkID=71

Overall directions: Palisades Interstate Parkway to exit 16, Lake Welch Drive. Follow to Seven Lakes Drive, follow signs.

Where to park: Parking lot number 3 or if it is close call Anas at 917 622 6993.



A) Sandy man made sweet water beach & shower. B) Boat riding for $5 an hour (with $25 deposit) C) Food, D) Fishing (with NYS license)

Special Request: Please help other family members to unload breakfast, lunch and drinks in the parking lot. Also make sure you clean the place as you eat and throw plate, napkin, and glass in the nearby garbage can.

Do not forget: To bring extra clothes, Tylenol, bed sheet (if you want to lie down after lunch)



Breakfast 9AM: Syeda Arshi Anjum and Farhat Jabeen.

Tea: K.M.Sajed

Pre Lunch BBQ 10AM: Munna Bhai & S.K.Noman

Lunch 1.30 PM: Syeda Zartaj Kabir and Syeda Mehbooba.

Johr Prayer Imamati: S.K.Omair

Post Lunch BBQ 3.30PM: Arshad Abdullah & Belal Hassan

Watermelon/ Orange cut: Miss RawshanUllah Begum & Shumaiya Begum

Asr Prayer Imammati: K. Mizan Haassan

Muri Ka Bharta: Farhat Jabeen


Music: S.K.Noman & Fardin Hussain



3 Responses to “Update: The 4th Annual NY Family Picnic”

  1. Mehbooba Says:

    sorry to let u all know. but i wont be attending this year’s picnic due to the severe heat. last year i had to go to the emergency area in the picnic site because i started getting heat rash all over my face, and i was also sick for an entire month. thus, i apologize that i wont be able to make lunch for the family members either.

  2. fatima Says:

    Mennuu lookss awesome!
    I hope we (me nd zainab) can also take part in the music playing along with nomaan uncle nd fardin bro.

    O ya mom’s cooking… its suprising i didnt kno.

    two more weeks 😦

    atleast more time to get more clothes lol.

    mehbooba auntie well miss you!

  3. fatima Says:

    some words are cut off 😦

    whats $5 a riding.. riding what?

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