Dhaka Nawab Family Hockey Tournament 2008

July 6, 2008

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Dhaka Hockey Club, winners of the Dhaka Nawab Family Hockey Tournament 2008 that was held in New York on the 4th of July 2008.
Team: Noman, Ali, Shahadat, Sohaib(Manager), Anjum(Captain) and Fardeen.


Nodir E Par Bhange To Oi Par Gore. When time has stopped in Nawab Bari, we tried to put new battery in the heart and minds of the family members in New York.

As immigrant we are trying to revive our cultural heritage on this side of the Atlantic. When Arshad became nostalgic and ordered hockey sticks online we immediately planned for this Hockey Tournament. The names of the four teams were carefully chosen.

  1. Dhaka Hockey- a second division team owned by K.Habibullah (s/o Khwaja Setaru Mia).
  2. United Boys Club (UBC) a team floated by K. Rukunuddin Sir (s/o K. Sharfuddin), who was a youth sports organizer and social activist
  3. Bachelors Union (a team of Nawab Salimullah and later on carried by Ihsanul Huq (Bhola Bhai).
  4. Nawab Union- also a team floated by Nawab Salimullah and Khwaja Atikullah (now defunct).


Numbers speak for the passion:

The enthusiasm shown for the game is unprecedented. At the end of the long working day, K. Sami along with his bother K.Asrar and brother in law Munna Bhai (M.B.Hockey.Player) dared to cross the Verrazano for practice (with $10 toll and $3.45 per liter gas). This reminded me old Boat Race days, when regular month long pre race practice were done in Kaliganj canal. One of this late night practice session saga ended in the E.R. of the Elmhurst Hospital with six stitches on Rumi Babas forehead. In another practice match K. Mizan Hassan fractured his leg resulting in prescription of three physical therapy session a week and 20 sick days from the office. Even in this condition, his love for the game inspired him to wear the Yellow bachelors Jersey on the judgment day. Dr. Ali Madni (son of K.M.Amer) drove 225 miles (Sayre PA to NY) and Khwaja Nadim Azhar drove 250 miles (Fairfax VA to NY) to participate in this tournament. 4 inches of rain did not deter the participants among them were 6 rookies (never played hockey before). Nawabbarians proved once again that hockey is in their blood, the mantra of the day was:”Beer Khajara Ostro Dhoro, Ahsan Manzil Cup hasil Koro.”

Duel Role:

Yes we do not see Sita Aur Geeta, Ram Aur Shyam kind of movies with duel role that often. This Player / Referee duel role scene was played by K.Sami, K.Mizan Hassan and K. Nadeem Azhar who took turn and blew the whistle in absence of Tuhu Bhai (professional referee). The job was well done without showing any conflict of interest. The three warning cards (green, red and yellow) were unused as now could be viewed as a showpiece in nearby sports museum gallery.


The tent to protect the spectators from rain water reached the ground late. K.Nadeen Azhar, Rameez, Sunny, Rumubaba all were injured and bleeding. There was no first aid box in sight. The newly arranged rules were not properly communicated to all the teams in a timely fashion. This resulted in chaos; walk out, protest, counter protest, drama and so on. The question now is this a “to be continued” series? We all learn from experience and promise to deliver 100% kosher and chaos free tournament next year.

Food: The overpriced food was great. The spaghetti, saffron flavored cake, chatpati, Pepsi (why not Coke), mineral water, chana, boot, popsicle ice cream, Hershey candy and the tea made the day. The tea (Garma Garam Chaye in Barish) helped me to fight headache. I just had two cans of soda and a cup of tea to save money only to find out at night that my daughter had spent 40 bucks for food. Do you trust food made by your opponent team on the game day. I don’t (Dua Tabeez works here in NY too). Ha ha ha.

Special Thanks: Goes to Zian (son of Ulfat Kamal) & Sazia (d/o of Shahriar Kamal Bappi) for working as a boy scout in the field and K.M.Sohaib for being the chief guest. Thanks go to all the persons who took time out to prepare the food (Syeda Mahbooba, Arshi Azad, Shabin Begum, Batool Ayaz and Zareen Kabir) and RumiBaba for the Flickr Ka Nazar (Pictures). Thanks go to all the participants, cheerleader, family members and my fellow organizers for making this event a successful one.  Let us gather the positive energy emitted from this tourney and strengthen the family bond further. Joi Nawab Bari, Nawab Bari Zindabad.

Stay tuned for more pictures. See you in the picnic. When? Where?

Anas Khwaja


11 Responses to “Dhaka Nawab Family Hockey Tournament 2008”

  1. Nashmin Says:

    CongratulationZz!!!! Your hard work and courage led to a great victory… Amazing game and yummy food! …Us “cheerleaders” did a great job cheering too! (Nashmin, Zainab, Zoha, Fatima, Saniya baji, Rushda) …and the rest of the family!

  2. fatima Says:

    The event was awesome, the food was great and it was just a family gathering needed after a long time.
    I still go with Nawab Union <- you guys deserved it ..

    congrats to the winning team!

  3. Rumibaba Says:

    Allrite Guys n’ Girl’s ! Give me [ Rumibaba ] and Saniya some credit for all these photo’s :] and Leave some COMMENTS….banglai likhen, nahito Urdu-mey likho…kuch to likho…lojjar kichu nei aikhane :] u dont have to be an expert in writing u know…dont just come to this web and leave comment as an anonymous…apni jekhan kar hon na keno, apnake khujte deri hobena…I’m from Chaman, here i’m writing 🙂 Let see some people from Bagicha, Mansoor castle, China-market, Paccham-par, Rehan stadium area or watever..
    We all need to start contributing to this web, and gotta stop complaining…C’mon….

  4. Fatima Says:

    Itna Lekna Hota?
    GOSH i didnt know you write bangla <- Rumi Bhai lol

    Haha and you guys can’t be anonymous anymore.

  5. zainab Says:

    congratz to the red team…. like fatima baji i still consider the winning team nawab union.. all 4 teams played wit their hearts and souls in the game..and it was fun to watch.. the cheerleaders were great too.. and the rain jus added fun to the game.. and rumi bhiya thanks for writing sooo much u definetly encougraged people to write

  6. Saniya Says:

    Great summary Anas! Everyone who missed the game, definitly missed one funfilled day. It was absolutly amazing how everyone came together to support their teams.

  7. Shahan Says:

    I never knew how exiting this game was until i have played in this tounament. Ready for the next one. BRING IT ON!!!

  8. Khwaja Mizan Hassan Says:

    The hockey tourney was a blast. It was a reincarnation of old memories. The rain provided the perfect picture of “talab par hockey”. I was really amazed to see the enthusiasm of the players and cheerleaders/supporters. I wonder what would have happened, if we had these wonderful supporters cheering for us while we played in Bangaldesh. I, too was amazed at myself playing, despite the advise of my orthopedic and my wife not to play, but the temptation was so overwhelming that I could not resist but played. Since the tourney ended in some confusion, my advise to the teams and management is to support and encourage each other and stop bickering. This is only a sport but family ties is much more important. We need to have affectionate feeling and respect each other. I would like to end with this note, that when a flower blossoms, the fragnance is appreciated by everyone, so lets appreciate the fragnance and move on. Best wishes for everyone.


  9. Khwahja Arshad Abdullah Says:

    First and foremost congratulations to The Red Team AKA Dhaka Hockey Club. Also thanks to the cheering supporters without them the games would have been just like practice matches we play every weekend.

    Indeed a great tourney and lots of food and fun. Chatpati was great and Chai was really the way chai should be. Muri ka bhartha and china badam were only snack missing otherwise it would have been a complete a desi tourney. Due to avoid some skirmishes (minor) in the future i have few suggestions for,
    The Red team:
    1. Anjum: Please be on time. I will make sure the rules and regulations will be written in English and Bengali and will be distributed via first class postal and Email to your Blackberry. If you are old medium, first class mail will be sufficient otherwise stay tuned to your blackberry. But most importantly be on time
    2. Shahadat: Please buy a Kanka Chungi ( hearing aid) to listen carefully about the rules for your team (Since rest of the arrives 2 hours late)! Also, in order to understand and remember the rules, instead of drinking RED BULLS which may hinder your thinking abilities, please eat boot (Chick peas) which is known to enhance your memory and put some Narikel tel in your ear, which is known to clear the wax deposited in your ear over some time period.
    3. Fardeen: Please do your sajna-Gujna (makeup) night before the game. This way you will not be late.
    4. Dr. Ali: Nice game , as if you were trying to save a dying patient from a certain death while winning the game.
    5. Noman bhai: Please bring Singh as your substitute while you are poking fun at the sardars.

    Yellow Team (bachelors):
    Nadim bhai waited 1 month to join the tourney and ended up injuring his finger. Thanks got it was his right finger , not the left one…you know what i mean! if not, please don’t try to guess something stupid.
    When did Nadim bhai started living in Jamaica: Nadeem, Mizan, Guddu, Adil, Rameez and Sunny
    White Team ( United Boys):
    United Boys? Sami bhai was phenomenal, Asrar bhai and Munna Bhai MBBS was great aswell.
    Thanks to Ajju Bhai for joining us! No jawab for Rumi Baba: His Diving ability in Alkatra ka Concrete will WOW even the Olympians! Unfortunately there are no Alkatra ka Concrete diving competition at the Olympic! He was told that there were not a single bachelorette at the gallery he can impress!
    Shan was great and good. Excellent cool player just like me!

    Our Team: Moharram ka Color ( Nawab Union..Onion?)

    Yawar Bhai- First let me ask you a question: Apka Fitness ka raaz kya hai (mashallah…nazar na lage)? Great player, great tempo, cool mind and only player in the team who was able to run and gun throughout the game. Rest of was running at the mercy of the almightily. Yaser bhai played like a world class player in the first game but ended up playing like a 5 yr or 50 years old in the 2nd game. Told him not to eat too much chana before the game. There must be something in the food…..just think about it : none of the food sponsors player ate any of the food although prepared by their families….can we say conspiracy theory?
    Anas- He is the biggest conspirator of all: Lottery: How come Noman bhai and Anjum bhai in the same team???? How come Sami bhai and Asrar bhai in the same team? how come you and Yawer bhai in the same team? How come Fardeen and Rumi NOT AT THE SAME TEAM????? This is outrageous…how come rumi and fardeen not in the same team?
    Now rules: Where in this world you play penalty shootout in a league? Now you tell me! Where? huh? Also, where in this world your goal post is size of a Shoe box? tell me this ? how come you counted 13 steps (*very unlucky number )instead of 12 steps at the penalty kick of Mizan bhai??? You cannot excuse your smaller steps for the justifications! No wonder mizan bahi missed the penalty kick…barely (not!). Navees: A great player …after all a Captain’s son can only be a captain! Sorry I wasn’t much of a help….Finally me: I am on my way to surpass Sami bahi , not winning games but size of my belly! I was a great player who was chasing the ball through out the game like a little puppy without able to hit once! Inshallah next year: DEKHA-DENGE ( DHEKHA-DENE)!

    Anyway, now seriously it was a great event and all of us had a great time. Please try to remember the good stuffs instead of the some of the misunderstanding and chella chelli we had. Please do not try to extend any issue…after all it was our first try and there were lots of learning curves. Hopefully the next tournament would be much better and organized. Until then, enjoy rest of the summer and count the days for the upcoming PICNIC!

  10. Guddu Says:

    It was one of the great tournament i have played in New York. Next year bachelors s. c will take the cup inshallah.

  11. fatima Says:

    Well said Arshad Bhaiya 🙂
    it was worth while.
    anas bhaiya worked hard to make it all happen!
    inshallah there will be one next year

    thanks for recognizing the cheerleaders!

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