Ahsan Manzil Hockey Cup 2008

July 1, 2008


Ahsan Manzil Hockey Cup 2008 will be held on Friday July 4th in Queens New York.


Participating teams and players are-


Bachelors Sporting Club:

Nadeem, Amer, Guddu, Adil, Rameez and Sunny

Dhaka Hockey:

Noman, Anjum, Shahadat, Fardin and Ali

United Boys Club:

Sami, Ajju, Asrar, Munna, Rumi and Shan

Nawab Union

Siraj, Yawer, Yaser, Anas, Arshad & Navees.


Venue & Time: Kissena Park field at Flushing Queens at 3PM.or Hoffman Park near Queens Center Mall at 5PM. Take G, R or V subway to Woodhaven Blvd Station for Hoffman Park..


All friends and the family members in the Tri State area are invited.

Please check the local weather at http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/11373?from=36hr_topnav_undeclared or call Arshad (646 932 9020) and Shahadat (347 730 3291) by 2 pm on Friday for venue updates.


4 Responses to “Ahsan Manzil Hockey Cup 2008”

  1. Rumibaba Says:

    Allriteeee..bring it on…oh hold on…hmm..so we’re prolly gonna be the “underdog” huh..lol..nah i’ll take the “dark horse” tag 🙂 we may look pretty weak up here but like i say, it’ll be different story in the field..bring it on……………just kidding 😉

  2. arshad Says:

    The hockey prepartion is going on full scale. Teams has their own Jersey and there will be foods at the stalls. Sami bhai and his team is practising every day.
    Lets see who comes out as a winner.
    Nawabbarians from other side of the world will be able to see some video clips soon. Cheer for your Fav team!

  3. Akram Khan Says:

    yea team preparation is on full scale. All the teams are ready for the rumble. Its going to be a war. Lets see who won .

  4. NANA BHAI Says:


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