A New Photo Section

July 1, 2008

A New Photo Section has been added to this Gup Shup tab.

As of today this section has been enriched with 113 historical pictures compiled in 17 albums. These albums are contribution of other fellow family members. The pictures could be viewed though slide show or by clicking on individual pictures. Scroll through the pictures to see the names or comments. Viewer can add their own comments on each picture or print them for personal collection. Couple of notable albums is as following:


Sports: Boat Race


Sports: Cricket by Anas Nasarullah


Sports: Hockey current pictures of Ajax, Dhaka Mohamedan & Bachelors sporting club donated by Khwaja Sami.


Sports: Soccer/Football


Bagicha-26 Ahsanullah Road Nawab Bari, 1977, by Khwaja Mahboob Alam


Paribagh by Syed Reaz Salim


Khwaja Khairuddin & Yousufjan by Ammar Roomi


Khwaja Nooruddin Picture by Samreen Malik & Sharmin Malik


Begum Bazar Graveyard, 2004, By K.M.Halim


Nawab Bari Jame Masjid, 2008, by Mohammed Talha


Three more albums –Dilkusha by Amr Quadir, Riverview by Saman Ibrahim and Group pictures in Ahsan Manzil by Mizan Hassan will be uploaded soon. Enjoy the pictures, and dont forget to  write history through your comments.


Anas Khwaja


3 Responses to “A New Photo Section”

  1. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    joss! 😉 😀

  2. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    Anas bhai please join the DNF group in facebook… you’ll find many pictures there as well…

  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Very nice.
    It’s a good start.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

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