Graduation: Fatima

June 28, 2008


Syeda Fatima Chowdhury daughter Syeda Zartaj Kabir (GDO of S.K.Shamsul Hassan & Shaista Begum) graduated from The Newtown High School in Queens. She is joining City College of the City University of New York this fall.

Congratulations Fatima.


6 Responses to “Graduation: Fatima”

  1. Arshi & Anjum Says:

    dear Fatima,
    You worked hard for it,therefore you truly deserve it.May good things in life unfold before you in future.We all love you & wish you all the best.

    Anjum mamma,Arshi mami,Hamza,Basma&Rabia.

  2. Beena & Belal Says:

    Congratulations Fatima!
    You make us proud !

    – Beena Baji & Belal Bhaiya
    (Emaan & Sharjil)

  3. Syed Reaz Salim Says:

    Congratulation Fatima. You are now on your way up.Our prayer is with you.Mubarrak to your parents too.All the best.

    Asefa and Reaz

  4. Nashmin Says:

    u have finally done it… YAY!! …now good luck in HS… one tip… DONT CUT CLASS!!!! lol.. we all end up doing it but heck.. just letting u know as a future reference from my own experience and everyone else… (u know who u ppl are.. i bet its all of u lol) … neways, best wishes to u ….. LOVE UUUU MUAHZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!

  5. zainab Says:

    awwwwwww fat ur a grown up now.. no more high school.. u cant even say ur in school now u say ” im in college” im sooo proud of u… have fun… dont make the best out of it.. go to coolllege do ur work and when ur 25 and earn the big bucks.. u can enjoy life..

  6. fatima Says:

    Thanks for all the congrats 🙂 Love you guyss!
    With college not even starting, the tension is getting to me, imagine myself in September.. going nuts!

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