Ahsan Manzil at Heritage Restaurant

June 25, 2008

Heritage Restaurant: Heritage is an upscale restaurant in Gulshan Dhaka owned by  Tommy Miah. One of the sections (sitting arrangement) of this restaurant has been named after heritage site Ahsan Manzil. The restaurant aims to project the rich diversity of Bangladesh heritage, art, craft and exquisite food. The gates, doors, the reception table, are antique bought from the local market. Here Shindhuks have been turned into door panels and historical documents are encapsulated in photographs.

Who is Tommy Miah: Popularly known as ‘Curry King’, Tommy Miah is the famous Bangladeshi-born British chef. Miah bagged a place in the Guinness Book of Records for cooking the world’s biggest curry big enough to feed 10,000, while his International Indian Chef of the Year competition is now in its 14th year. Amongst his achievements is the delivery of a curry lunch-box to 10 Downing Street for Prime Minister John Major’s 50th birthday Author of several recipe books. Queen Elizabeth-II wrote foreword for Tommy’s book ‘Favorite Recipes of the Raj’. In 2004 Tommy Miah was elected a Fellow of Britain’s prestigious Royal Society of Arts.

Decor: The nicely decorated restaurant has paintings, photographs, terracotta and artworks on its walls and at entrance. Artist Jamal Ahmed’s 28-foot long painting on the Buriganga for the restaurant is the largest painting in Bangladesh. Former international fashion model Bibi Russell designed dresses for the restaurant staff.

Sitting Capacity: 200 +. The restaurant’s has a very elaborate and glamorous setup in the lawn and alongside a rooftop area with a splendid view.

Location: House-10, road-109 in Gulshan section 2 Dhaka. Open for lunch from 12-3 pm and for dinner from 6-11 pm.

Food: Home of fusion food that explores mostly the indigenous cuisine. Gourmets can enjoy Tommy’s signature mouth-watering dishes and ‘Bangla fusion cuisine’. Diners keep coming back to savor dishes like Chicken Loroial and smoked hilsa and sip at the house drink jira pani

Cost: Heritage has a lunch buffet with 35 items for Tk 300 per + Vat .

Tommy Miah’s website: http://www.tommymiah.com/Biography.html

Tips: In Ramadan Tommy Miah’s Heritage restaurant offers Old Dhaka’s delicacies (Dhakaiya iftari from Chowk). Iftari and dinner at the buffet table cost Tk 350 in 2005.

Edited by Anas Khwaja


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