June 15, 2008

     The Nawab Bari SANGSAD as it is now popular has taken over operation of paddle boat in the heritage pond of Nawab Bari which was earlier operated under direct control of Moulvi Khawaja Abdullah Welfare Trust as an income generating project for the trust .But for the few month, the project was showing a downward trend and Mr. Tanzin Arzoo, son of the life member of K.M. Arzoo , felt the necessary of making this project an income generating source by applying his own intellect with help and cooperation of the SANGSAD .He placed an offer before the board of trust to put this paddle boat on contract on the basis of 50%-50% of daily income .The board accepted his offer and a contract was signed on 12-06-2008 for a 2 year period between secretary board of trust and Mr. Tanzin Arzoo.  

     The gala opening operation of boat was held on 13-06-2008 just after the Friday prayers and Janab Hafiz Fazlul Haque led the fateha in this connection praying for the safety and well-being of all and the future success of the PADDLE BOAT OPERATION after the fateha , he was requested to switch on the plying by himself along with other respectable gentlemen of the family , and in this way the first operation of paddle boat kept rolling on the water of the heritage pond . The inauguration was attended by a huge crowd of relatives and admirers . As guest of whom were members of board of trust Mr. K.M. Aziz , Mr. K.M. Marghub , along with Sayed Khawaja Najmul Hassan (PRESENT SECTERARY OF THE BOAARD OF TRUST), Khawaja Motaher, Khawaja Imtiazul Haque Pappu and the others were Khawaja Solamain Quader (Dosset Mia), Khawaja Iqbal Hassan, Khawaja Shafique Ulla , Khawaja Khawar Hassan , Khawaja Ahasanul Haque Bhola, Khawaja Akbar, Khawaja Shabbih, Khawaja Shamim, Khawaja Zishan Quader, Mohammed Masud ur Rahman (Masud Bhai)and whole Sangsad team and others .The guests were then entertained with a delicious luncheon arranged by the Nawab Bari SANGSAD . 

By Mohd Talha.



  1. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    it is actually a very good idea… and its really good to see that family people are trying on resource generation from the estate rather than selling land and making more disputes.

    It would also be a great idea if nawabbari people can make a movement in order to make Old Dhaka a heritage spot which would attract many tourist for sure. But its a very big ask at the same time :).

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