Gupshup Add

June 12, 2008


8 Responses to “Gupshup Add”

  1. zainab Says:

    The add is great. At first it was hard to understand what the point was but as the add went on i understood it. The music was also good but what i liked most about it was when the music stop and it said rok hyun gaye bajao ( like the b4u commercial) and when it said so kyun gaye likho.. i found that to be very cute and funny.

  2. Fatima Says:

    Anas Bhaiya,

    This add was better than the one you were doing infront of me…its more creative and the sleep pictures were so funny…the one with the girl sleeping on the shelf…me & my mom enjoyed it..


  3. arshi Says:

    The add was just superb.Keep up the good work.We are very proud of you guys.

  4. Arshad (NYC) Says:

    As always, creative mind of Anas came to play again. The excitement never ends!

    A small dream can come to a reality and turns bigger than a dream when you have the right people beside you.

    I registered in 2005 thinking to put some old songs and some information just to keep connected. Never imagined that Belal, Anas and Saniya will take this dream to such a level that we get atleast 5 emails each week from the family members and non-members praising the efforts.

    Also, I am grateful to Talha in Dhaka for constantly sending us great photographies and news!

    Above all, Thank you all for your time to visit and making the small dream to a smashing success!

    So lets party on, keep writing and keep the family entact as ever!
    Love & regards
    Arshad (NYC)

  5. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Lovely Add Anas Bhai, First its hard to understand the motive but then its excellent.

    Khawja Moshahed

  6. Belal Says:

    Hey I had no hand in this !

    This is Anas bhaiya’s creativity in full form !

    – Belal 😉

  7. Mohd Talha Says:

    I am super happy and super thankful to Anas Bhai and Belal BHai for having their trust on me and all my news and I am also thankful to this great team. Thanks guys for appreciating my work. Hope to provide you with more great news in near future .I am just super happy thanks once again.
    Well the Add is also super cool but I think we are changing these days big time
    Take care
    Mohd Talha

  8. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Anas you are the great and you are doing a lot for our family. God bliss you.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

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