Let Nawab Salimullah be included in school textbooks

June 6, 2008

The NEw Nation  June 6, 2008 written by M.T.Hussain


It is pity that the present progeny of Bangladesh hardly know that short of the struggle initiated by the Nawab 102 years ago in Dacca for upholding identity and entity of the people of the geographical area, there would have been nothing what is now known as Bangladesh. Instead it would have certainly been the integral part and parcel of the Kolkata based province of Bangla or Banga Pradesh of Indian union. Bangladesh could have independence in 1971 as because it could have had broken away from Pakistan with India’s armed help. Who would come to help Bangladesh to become independent had it gone in 1947 as the integral part of the Indian Union following the end of the British rule in the sub-continent?

The Bangladesh progeny should be told and taught well that if there would be anyone to be placed as the fatherly figure of Bangladesh, it must only be Nawab Salimullah and none else. That is how the learning contents in school and college textbooks of this country should be planned and implemented in classroom situation without fail for setting the past history right.

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One Response to “Let Nawab Salimullah be included in school textbooks”

  1. Iftekhar Hassan Says:

    Excellent objective article,

    Cheers !

    Iftekhar Hassan

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