Azad wins best salesman award from Abascus

May 31, 2008

Mohammad Azad Barkat,Son of Barkat Ahmed & Fazilat Barkat  was awarded Best Sales person Of The Year Asia Pacific by Abacus International (Pvt)Ltd. The award giving ceremony was held at Singapore Marina Mandarin , 23rd Jan. The award was handed over to Azad-  -Don Birch the CEO of Abacus International (Pvt) Limited Singapore.  


Singapore-based Abacus International is the Asia-Pacific’s leading travel facilitator with more than 10,000 agency locations in 22 markets. With 16 years of experience in fusing international best practices and local expertise with global and local partnerships, Abacus provides travel information and reservations specifically tailored to the Asia-Pacific region

10 Responses to “Azad wins best salesman award from Abascus”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Azad congratulation to you for this award.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  2. Arshad Syed. CANADA Says:

    Heartiest congrats to you. Yes; indeed you made us proud and raised the bar for all Nawabbarians. It was huge. Keep it up. Convey my best regards to Russel.

  3. Khawja Mohammed Sohel Hafiz Says:

    congratulation Azad
    Well done, its realy somthing to proud about .


  4. Rumibaba Says:

    Saabash Azad bhai…Lage raho =]

  5. Azad Barkat Says:

    Thanks to all of you for giving me congratulation and my well wishes to. Please keep pray for me Insallah we will do much better in future by the bless of Allah.Azad

  6. Syed Sagar Says:

    congratulation Azad Bhai

    Well done, its realy somthing to proud. Best wishes for you.


  7. Zoya Says:

    Mashallah great job! Keep up the great work! We pray that you do even better in the future.
    Apu and Yawer Bhai.

    Azad, great job!

  8. congratulation azad!

  9. Md Chonchol Says:

    azad bi , keep it up. i am one of the well wisher of yours , masud

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