Family Tree Update

May 29, 2008


Let me introduce myself. I am known in the family as Arshad- the first son of late Kaniz Fatema, daughter of Nawabzadi Khurshidi Bano and Khwaja Moazzam. I have a sister named Reshma from my own father and a brother named Qais from my mother’s second marriage. My Grandfather and my Father were the Pir Saabs of Paribagh.


I see my mother’s name in the family tree.  She expired 2 years back.  May be you can put late with her name.  And add me in the list. 


Shah Syed Badrul Bari ( Arshad)
President and CEO GLOBACOMM Systems and Solutions- Baridhara Dhaka

Answer: All the 29 names of your family members have been added on the family tree. Please click the link below:


Dear Anas,

This is Saaria Hossain, daughter of Late.Hatif Hossain from Dhaka. 

How are you? Hope everything is going well. I often do visit your website; you guys have done a great job. I really appreciate what you have done for the whole Nawab family. 

Anas I have one little complain regarding my father’s identity, uploaded on 22nd feb. 08.  There is written that he settled in Nawab Bari after he got married but this info is wrong. I agree that his FATHER was from Bhagalpur but He was the Nawasa(grand son) of the Nawab Family. Here I have mentioned the family tree please have a look at it.

He belongs to the Nawab Family and every senior member of this family knows this.


His family tree is as following :Abdul Hai Nanna Mia (19 Ahsanullah Road)-daugher Rafiqa Bibi- son Syed Abdul Hatif


Do me this favor, the info. That is written on the obituary news of my father that HE SETTLED IN NAWAB BARI BY GETTING MARRIED is wrong. Please do edit the required part; I will be thankful to you.

Best Regards   

Saaria Hossain- Dhaka

Answer: Please accept my sincere apology for the mistake.

As per your recommendation I have made necessary changes and updated the family tree.



Hello Hello!! …..

anyway, would love to join, you guys have done an amazing job with the website. if you could send me a newsletter from time to time would be great. let me know what i have to do.  

I have two boys now, Zain is 4 and Aaron is 6 months old. I’m attaching a photo of the two of them and will send you some more family pics. Let me know where the family tree is on the website as I wasn’t able to locate it.  

Really loved the old photos of Kaiser dada/dadi…again, you’ve done a great job!! 

Keep in touch, we’re planning a trip to the US this summer, hopefully we can meet up and catch up. Take care, lots of love to both your families!! 

Tani UK  

Answer: Your family tree has been updated. Here is the link. 



One Response to “Family Tree Update”

  1. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Dear Bari Bhai,

    It is a great pleasure to see you in our family website.
    You are welcome Bari Bhai from my end.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

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