Shady Deals in Nawabbari

May 23, 2008

By Residents of Shahzada Mia Lane

We, the residents of Shahzada Mia Lane, would like to bring to your notice that crooks have been actively involved in selling land belonging to members of the Dhaka Nawab Family. They have been duping innocent beneficiaries of Nawabbari by manufacturing fake deeds and documents. This has been an open secret in Nawabbari for quite some time now, but the poor innocent residents of Nawabbari haven’t had the courage to confront these thugs. These thugs recently sold the RIVER VIEW CLUB for a huge sum of money.

We, the residents of Shahzada Mia Lane out of concern for our neighbors and brethren in Nawabbari have posted the following two posters, listing the names of the involved culprits:

Translation of the poster
1. Mohd Sameeruddin (Sameer), Ringleader
2. Khawaja Abdur Rahman Nanna
3. Khawaja Kalimulla (so called Khawaja)
4. khawaja Mohd Akbar (Budda Akbar)
5. Mohd Kaisar and their group
These culprits sold the famous and historic land of our ancestors, the River View Club, by manufacturing fake documents and divided the money among themselves. They have made a lot of fake documents (of property in Nawabbari) and are looking for buyers at this time. All the named culprits should be arrested at once.

24 Responses to “Shady Deals in Nawabbari”

  1. Fahim Says:

    Salam to all nawab barians out there i thinkk this is a wake up call for us the outsiders are taking great advantage of our family name using the word Khawaja these So called Khawajas should be punished and we all nawab barians should unit together to save our heritage from these Land Pirates .

  2. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    if we could unite in some way where every one contributes with either their wealth, their contacts or skills to try to get back all the lands in dhaka … and if we could all agree to a deed that we can do something united with the lands ( a business share sort) I think it would be a good idea for a start.

  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Dear Anas Nasarullah,

    I appreciate your good idea. Be united and do something for all of us. I am agreed with you.

    Khawja Waqar Azim
    Dhaka – Bangladesh

  4. Wayiz Hassan Says:

    1. I do not know Mohd Sameeruddin (Sameer), Ringleader
    2. I know Khawaja Abdur Rahman Nanna
    3. I do not know Khawaja Kalimulla (so called Khawaja)
    4. I know khawaja Mohd Akbar (Budda Akbar)
    5. I do not know Mohd Kaisar and their group

    So please let us know who are the above three person listed above that I (or some) do not know.

    Why people of the trust (both a and b trust) are not doing anything about this?

    What happened to the money from Maktab and haji Salim’s market sale?

    If elders did the same why should’nt their off-spring can not do the same?

    It will be all talk and no action like newly opened 7-up bottle.

    Unity is power !

    Izzy the desi Rapper
    Wayiz Hassan

  5. chaska_chamanka Says:

    What is left to be taken care of in first place.

    . It is all corrupt out there. Full of dirty politics. We are responsible to bringing in these people in our family.

    No metter how united we could be but we cannot weather this storm. It is very COMPLEX. We can’t do anything. Let’s forget about it.

  6. May be u are from one of those thats why you didnt mention your name its not complex any more we could be united to clean out these rubbish from the family until we dont sit idle and influence other like you not to take any actions

  7. chaska_chamanka Says:

    Listen modern day “JITENDRA” – HUH – we could be united.

    Dada mare ga bail batega- talking about unity.

  8. chaska_chamanka Says:

    With all due respct, I tried to voice my opinion and had no intention to discourage or demotivate the real Nawabbarians from cleaning out the rubbish and being anonymous does not automatically lebelled me as a member of them.

    So please think twice before accusing someone besed on snap judgement because suspicion itself a lie.

    Please disregard my very last comment as it was made out of anger.

  9. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Don’t be upset Mr. Chaska. If we united then no body will be hand to mouth in our nawab family.
    Just go ahead with all together. We just take lesson from the Memon community, you see how much they are united and due to this no body is in hand to mouth in their community.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  10. Khwaja Muhammad Yusuf Says:

    yes……Mr Sayed & Waqar uncle you are absolutely right. But we are ONLY writing in this website that we should get united. Nobody is taking any steps towards that. Only writing here would not do the job for us. Rather than writhig or arguing…we should start making changes in reality.

    K M Yusuf
    S/o Khwaja Hanif

  11. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Thanks for your early reply. That’s great you are the Nanna’s son. I am impressed your writing power.
    I am agreed with you but i think so we should try to make changes in reality.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  12. Arshad, Syed. CANADA Says:

    Yes; I hear you Yusuf and speaking of reality, we have to have a positive attitude to make it happen, no matter how complex the task is. As I have always loved this great saying that :


  13. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    There has been rows since ever :)… Since the time of Nawab Sir Salimullah (GG Father) or maybe even before him… so it will be surely something new in the family to solve such a matter…

    As an amateur I thought of the following:

    I think we should all agree to a scheme which may perhaps lessen some of the rippling ideas when everyone tries to pour in with what they wish to do with their share, before we think about taking actions. May be this sites family tree or any other form of survey may come in help to identify the share that can be given to a family member. We can declare a long list of family members and their percent of share which can be done using shariah law for everyone’s satisfaction. We also need to identify the members who are rich, influential or needy, i.e. the people who will be able to help and the people who are willing and are able to work.

    The above is just the first phase, where we identify the shareholders. Next we will need help from family members to do another survey of documents and also from land survey office in “saat-raastar-moor” to make a list of all the properties belonging to us, directly, indirectly and by means of waqf. With that we can also do some real valuation and the status of the lands such as if it has been sold illegally or being occupied etc. For this part we might all agree to give a percent of share or an amount of money to the people who will help us identifying these lands and properties.

    I think if the above 2 phases are done and everyone agrees on them, then we can think of either forcing the government or getting into action by ourselves by either selecting a committee by election and getting to work ourselves.

    I need people pouring their ideas, people who are more knowledgeable and enlightened.

  14. I totally agree with Anas bhai. I have heard numerous stories as how the elected mgmts at trust deceived the stakeholders/shareholders or untold amount of properties those are illegally occupied etc. I was even approached by some influential people of BNP in New York during their rule asking if I can get documents for some huge properties in Savar Soshan Ghaat.

    I think this is the time we should have some trusted and educated members to start the process of compiling data. Never before all the Nawabbarians had a single source of information as we have now through this website. We should all use this for the better communications and uplifting of the family. I will talk to Anas (New York) and Belal and create a separate page where we can start brain storming and have a decent and mature exchange of views.

    I am sure there are still some valuable assets left which can make a great source of income for especially needy family members as long as greed don’t take over.

    It is just a beginning lets talk and discuss more and try to find a realistic resolution for this matter. Keep one thing in mind, you will never be able to satisfy all the people. But if your intention is good, that’s all needed. Also, some actions will upset a minority few who may be directly affected by some actions but again, we have to look at a broad spectrum.

    s/o Khwaja Azad

  15. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Anas Nasarullah,
    Your honest frustration is heard all over the world. Now let us be realistic and discuss this through.
    What are we talking about here? Which property? In your words, “all the properties belonging to us, directly, indirectly and by means of waqf”..
    You need to set the definition of “Property” straight. Different types of properties fall under different jurisdiction/authority and require different treatment/solution. For example Waqf Property can never be sold. The only exception -if the proceeds of the sold are invested for greater return.

    There is no need to worry about (a) the list of shareholders or (b) the list of properties or (c) electing/selecting a new committee. They all either exist or easily attainable. How were the proceeds for Ahsan Manzil (11cr taka) distributed? Based on what list and which methodology of share distribution. The same list and the method of distribution could be followed if Daria E Noor is auctioned off tomorrow. Small hiccups like what to do with the share of the family members who are now Pakistani citizen could be solved easily.

    Coming back to point (c), as I mentioned before, the following elected organizations already exists and there is no need to set up new committee. All we need to do is place honesty before family relationship in selecting a candidate during election. Amar chaite Attiota Boro, Attiotar Chaite Sotota Boro.

    B Propietors Association:. Elected body represents the beneficiaries from the nine sharers to deal with the Nawab Estate office and the Court of Wards (which is supposed to be in actual control of all the Khas land/property).

    Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust: Elected body, already in full control over all the properties won through the settlement deed. .

    Alimullah Waqf Estate: Non elected body. Historically, ceremonial post like the President of Salimullah Orphanage or the BOD’s of the Askari Jute Mills (a property of Alimullah waqf) are chosen by the government from the list of the prominent Dhaka Nawab family members. As responsible family members we can stay alert and should raise voice if the government fails to pick up the right/honest person/s.

    I am not a beneficiary of the B Association and therefore and have no legal authority to be a party the of the so called direct, indirect or any waqf property. However I believe the website can and will play an important role in forming opinion through promoting transparent and healthy discussion. I believe there is always room for improvement in every administration and family members could suggest scope of improvement here.

    I will invite Syed Reaz Salim (Phuppa), ex president of the B Association, who is a regular contributor of the GUPSHUP share his experience on this topic and suggest how to recover the Khas lands from the land pirates.
    Anas Khwaja
    New York

  16. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    regarding the point B (b) I mention that because many family members and I myself have no idea of the properties (specific lands in numbers as per survey of lands) that belongs to us. I requested a list of properties during the court of wards presidents election but my soft voice was taken lightly. This is also necessary in order to know what we are heading for.

    There are numerous stories of lands being illegally sold out and occupied from various sources, but all we have in doing is listen, understand and forget and when people asks us we have to reply that we ourselves are confused.

    The various estates Anas bhai mentioned about and the various committees are mostly non-functional keeping aside the Molvi Abdullah Trust of which I have very little knowledge.

    I also request (also requested during the election) some sort of reports needs to be posted up in Nawabbari site or in any other way may be annually of the different estates (court of wards, Alimullah waqf, etc) mentioning their profit or loss and all sorts of transactions for the sake of transparency.

    Thank you 🙂

  17. Anas Khwaja Says:

    The P&L, B/S, yearly activity, audit report and the minutes of the annual meeting of the MAWT from last year was posted on this website. (
    We will post the same info for the current year over the weekend.

    MAWT has regular steady source of income and can afford full time staff. On the other hand the B Association runs on member’s donation and sometimes end up with a negative balance.

    I am surprised that your request for the list of property went unanswered.

    The land Reforms Board (formerly known as The Court of Wards) should have a listing of all the properties since they took control of the Nawab Estate in September 1907. Again a detail file for collateral property (with Daag, Khotian) was compiled when Nawab Salimullah applied for loan in 1912. I am sure it is in possession of one of the family members.

    In 1952 The Dhaka Nawab Estate was abolished (under the EAST BENGAL ESTATE ACQUISITION AND TENANCY ACT, 1950) .Only the Ahsan Manzil complex and khas lands held under raiyati rights were exempted. In 1985 the Bangladesh government acquired the Ahsan Manzil complex and compensated the family for most part of it.

    So today’s list of property which you are looking for is in much different format that that of Nawab Abdul Ghani’s list (Zamindari splited into 26 sub-circles of which 11 were in Bakarganj, 4 in Tripura, 4 in West Mymensingh and Pabna, 3 in East Mymensingh and Sylhet and 4 in Dhaka). The list must have gone through tremendous transformation through the following milestone years 1907 (custodianship change), 1952 (Tenancy Act 1950) and in 1985 (Ahsan Manzil complex acquisition).

    The website team will try its best to obtain a copy and save this on the website.

    You cannot act like Che Guevara just because a committee is non functional. You need to bring life to it either by joining the group or by creating external pressure through public opinion.

    The property I discussed here excludes many waqf properties which were managed by the sitting Nawab as a motawalli. During Nawab Habibullah’s motawalliship couple of senior family members brought a lawsuit against him alleging mismanagement of the Alimullah Warf Estate. From that point and on, the Alimullah Waqf Estate committee is formed comprising 5 to 6 senior members of the family chosen by the govt as per the court’s instruction.
    Anas Khwaja from NY

  18. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Dear Anas,

    I am totally agree with you. I request you to please keep these comments alive. I am with you all.

    Khawja Wqar Azim

  19. Anas Nasarullah Says:

    I agree and I understand… I did mention that I am not talking about Molvi Abdullah Trust… and I have seen its report…


  20. Anas Khwaja Says:

    B Association’s name was mentioned couple of times in this blog (refer to link #1 & link #2). The official Election announcement/response from B Association was posted on 11.05.2007 (refer to link #3).

    1) 1.23.2008 Govt yet to decide over eviction of land-grabbers

    2) 06.17.2006 Dhaka Nawab Family “B” Estate: A failure by Khwaja Saifullah

    3) 11.05.2007 Notice: Annual General Meeting of Dhaka Nawab “B” Estate Proprietors’ Association

  21. Khwaja Anas Nasarullah Says:

    yes I have been following and attending :)… Thanks

  22. syed mohiuddin Says:

    i am a member of moulovi abdullah trust and given vote evry year.
    we dont know about our commitis activitis.

  23. Anas Khwaja Says:

    Please click on the following links for 2006 & 2009 activity. I will upload 2007,2008 & 2010 later on.

    You can always call Najmul Bhai (M.A.W.T Secretary). He sounds to be reasonable and will satisfy any query you might have.

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