I am from…

May 23, 2008



I am from the Quran,

from the Kufi and the Tasbeeh.

I am from Ali and Bahauddin

from Tareequat and Naqshband.


I am from the aging apartment,

The smell of spices erupting from the walls.

I am from the Coriander,.

the aging Jackfruit trees

whose long gone limbs I remember

as if they were my own.


I am from Carrom and dark skin,

from Cricket and Hockey.

I am from endless conversations and evening tea,

from addiction to soap operas.

I am from ” respect your elders” and “complete your prayers”,

from “Eat to live, don’t live to eat”.


I am from Ramadan and Eid.

I am from New York and Nawabbari,

from Curry and Pilaf.

From the struggles of my father,

who brought together a family.

A cardboard box in which lie pictures forgotten.  


14 Responses to “I am from…”

  1. sadaf jonaid Says:

    Hamzu, you made me cry. Each of your expression touched my heart. I can’t think of any words to praise your work. Well done. Love yoy dearly. SADAF AUNTY

  2. Talal Says:


    Amazing piece of work. Really touched my heart.

    Talal Mammu

  3. Khawja Waqar Azim Says:

    Well done my boy. What’s your father name? I appreciate your good expression. Really it’s a amazing piece of work.

    Khawja Waqar Azim

  4. chaska_chamanka Says:


    Absolutely Amazing

    Truly Mesmerizing

  5. Syed O. Shahbazi Says:


    Hamza, you have truly expressed and pictured the depth of what it means to have a genuine identity. It’s moving to find such poetry with so much heart and sincerity. We all wish you the best now and in your future endeavors.


  6. Sakeb and Amna Alam Says:

    Dear Hamza,

    Sakeb and I just recently read your poetry and became very touched by your words. Mashaalah, keep it up…and we look forward to reading more of your work.


  7. Syed D. Shahbazi Says:

    Mashaallah Hamza,

    Bro you hit it home…you carefully chose your words and articulated your expression perfectly…I was utterly impressed…dude you kinda got me to cry too…alright man, catch you laters…

    Dawar Bhaijaan

  8. Khawja Mohd. Sayeed Says:


    Nice piece of work.Very nicely wriiten.It made me cry. Hope to get more of these from u.Well done.

    Khawja Mohd. Sayeed

  9. mohd Says:

    cool i just love it hope to see more writings from u .
    take care

  10. Saniya Says:


    Beautifully written.


  11. Arshad Mammu Says:

    Hello Hamzu-
    Well written. At first I thought you translated the Udru version from your Abbu until I received clarification from Arshi baji.

    Just to let all nawabbarians know, Hamza thrilled his relatives at the age of 5 when he visited Dhaka for the first time in his life by recognizing each and everyone. He,even knew Talab ka Tomb!

    Hats off to Arshi Baji and Anjum bhai (AKA Gappi Lahari) for excellent upbringings of thier children with all the family value along with excellent academic knowledge (Both are Brooklyn Tech students).

    By the way, I see lots of people cry reading his poem! Hamza, please show your humorous side as well!


  12. lulu khala Says:

    hamzu baba u really made us cry .by da way didnt know dat u write soooo well.i can imagine my little hamza`s chidhood when he used to eat small cockroaches and acting like a small rabbit.and i would surely say dat the credit goes to mogambo(anjum bhaiya)and arshi baji.

  13. Subhia Sahal Says:


    Now after reading this I understand the leisures of our homeland which are nowhere else.

    You really made not only our eyes but also our hearts cry.

    Love you,
    Subhia Khala

  14. Nashmin Says:

    hey bro!
    great work.. really impressed!
    best of luck in ur future.
    nashmin api

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