May 19, 2008


The seat of secretary being vacant on the 23-2-2008.Abbullah welfare Trust started preparation for filling up this vacant seat by election.Mr Syed Najmul Haque who was elected as member of the board of the trust by defeating Khawaja Zulfiqar Ahmed by a very hard contest and then elected as secretary completed his glorious tenure of five years by bringing the trust at its highest ever position with the help of all the trusties and talent, wisdom and hard work of his own.His tenure being over the beneficiaries and particularly the member of the ‘SANGSHAD’ as today known in Nawab Bari felt a crisis of a secretary like Mr Syed Najmul Haque and started working heart and soul for bringing him back as a member of the board as well as a future torch bearer of the Trust. The ‘SANSHAD’ of nawabbari played a vital role in campaigning and highlighting the activities of past secretary and requested him to put his nomination once more for the sake of the Trust and for the interest of the benificaries.On the other hand they worked tooth and nail so that no one else other than Mr Syed Najmul Haque gets a nomination.By the grace of almighty Allah Mr Syed Najmul Haque was made to apply for a nomination and it was also Allah’s grace that no one stood against him and he was elected for the 2nd time without contest.

On this great victory ‘NAWAB BARI SANSHAD’ held a reception in honor of Mr Syed Najmul Haque where all the members of the board of trust Mr.S.A.Ishaq ,Mr K.Amjad, Mr .K. Motahar, Mr .K.Manzar Nadim, Mr TarequeMr.k.Imtiaz,Mr.K.Qayyum gathered at the house of trust’s life trustee Mr .K.M Arzoo .Mr K.Abdullah could not join.The elected secretary after arriving first met the life trustee and took his grace.The life trustee was also greeted with flower bouquet.The life trustee embraced the elected secretary.A group photo of the occasion has been taken as a token of remembrance.After this the trustee led to the main hall where beneficiries and member of ‘Sanshad’ were eagerly waiting.The special guest at the reception was M.K Mahmoodul Hasan and chief guest was Mr S.A Ishaque the chairman of the trust.The reception started with recitation of the verses from Holy Quran .The special guest M.K Mahmoodul Hasangave Mr Sayed Najmul Haque a flowery reception.

On behalf of the reception committee Mr Masudur Rahman delivered his welcome speech in which he highlighted the past activities of Mr Syed Najmul Haque in bringing the trust at todays height where trust has now become a focal point as regard to eliminating the pains and sufferings of the beneficiaries in general and of the dwellers around in common.He assured of the all out support of the beneficiaries towards the Trust for establishing any just and appropriate cause and asked Mr Syed Najmul Haque to walk forward fearlessly. Mr Masud particularly pointed towards the pond which is a life saver which is safe guarding the entire environment of the vicinity and emphasized on undertaking accurate proper and timely improvement of the pond and carefully look towards grasping it by land pirates who have a vulture eye on the pond He also raised a proposal to the trust and to Mr Sayed Najmul Haque’s leadership that the trust should make the Pond more scenic and eye catching and the area secured so that our mother and sisters can make good use of its environment without fear.Mr Masud on behalf of the “NAWAB BARI SANSHAD” also emphasized that trust while making any agreement in regards to the development of its left out property at 5 wisaghat Road with anybody must ensure the highest interest of beneficiaries and must not be sold themselves to the evil interest.Mr Masud also highlighted the service carrier of Mr Syed Najmul Haque where he held a very high and important rank and showed utmost sincerity , honesty ,discipline and dexterity in serving the country and expected from him the same nature of service as he rendered in his 35 years of esteemed government service .

The special guest Mr Mahmoodul Hassan giving a brief welcome speech point out that the pond is the Aorta of Nawabbari and if this is cut into pieces the Kothi , as well known will be a graveyard of living dead .As such none of us should accept any such activities which will  destroy its natural existence.While the ceremony was going on the mother earth embraced everybody with a heap of shower and cold breeze which become ”SONE PE SOHA GA” of the occasion.The program ended with a delicious dinner in which special Nawabi Quorma and Paratha was served to the guests .This remarkable reception will remain for a long time in the memory of the beneficiaries of Abdullah Welfare Trust.

– Mohd. Talha
DNF Correpondent, Dhaka



  1. MOHD Says:

    way to go Najmul uncle .

  2. Khawja Moshahed Says:

    Hey Manv Taha I m still waiting for ur identity.I dont know why r u so scared of giving ur ID.Anyways i dont know who r u but u have a good habit of making a big fuss out of small things.I just want to know which brother of ours hasbeen writing and posting news.

    Khawja Moshahed
    S/O Khawja Mohd. Sayeed

  3. Khawaja Tanveer Arzoo (NAWAB BARI SANSHAD) Says:

    I am extremely happy to know that you have won the Prestigious Trust Election . Accept my heartiest congratulation on your magnificent success hope you will be able to meet the new challenges efficiently and honestly .
    We are also thankful to Mohd Talha for providing us with this excellent news.
    May you flourish i wish all the success in your work .

  4. Khawaja Abul Hassan(West Germany) Says:

    Congratulation to Mr Sayed Najmul Hassan its been great to know all the achievements of Nawab Bari trust . I am also thankful to this boy Talha who provide us with news of all the workings of Nawab Bari trust ,because we did not know much about it hope you are able to shine more because of your brilliance.

  5. Khawaja Sohel (Saudi Arabia) Says:

    Congratulation to Mr Sayed Najmul Hassan hope you will be able to work sincerely and look after the well fare of the beneficiaries .I am also thankful to Khawaja Anas and Khawaja Belal Hassan for presenting us this beautiful web site.
    Khawaja Sohel
    S/O Late Khawaja Nural Hassan

  6. Khwaja Yusuf Says:

    well this Gupshup is running quite well. But I am extremely shocked to see Mohd Talha’s attitude towards Khwaja Mushahed. I read all their comments.
    Mushahed just asked Talha his identity. But instead of giving his identity, he messed up with Mushahed. He also threatened Mushahed that he will beat him up. Its really shocking to see such things going on the NAWAB Family’s website. And why are the administration allowing Talha to write such offensive things. If writers like Talha keep on writing such harsh things on this website..I am afraid there would less people visiting this site.
    I think Mr Talha should apologize to Mushahed for his immature and inappropriate behaviour.

    Khwaja Yusuf
    S/o Khwaja Hanif



    Syed Najmul Hassan’s return to Trust for another term of 5 years is great relieve for the beneficiaries. It was widely speculated that Mr. Najmul will not contest election, and if he does, he will face a real opposition from the vested quarters. Thanks to shongshod boys, who really had a good set up to get him re elected unopposed. Najmul is obviously the most able person in the trust currently; a perfect harmless specimen of humanity, neither so ambitious to ride roughshod over others, nor so aggressively paranoid to destroy others peace of mind. He is very balanced person with a deep understanding of trust and its deeds and a real pro to manage its affairs efficiently. He brought a lot of good changes in the system and very efficiently plugged those holes where the trust’s incomes were previously siphoned from. He is doing a pretty good job and we all wish him a great success in his next 5 years term

    Syed Anadel Hussain

  8. With great respect to Mr Khawja Mohd. Sayeed and Khawaja Hanif I have came across all the comments given by Moshaid and khawaja Yousuf no doubt I am thank full to this boy Mohd Talha for providing us with this beautiful piece of news . Khawja Mohd. Sayeed were present in the event too and the above article could be given by his son Moshaid but instead writing anything he went on arguing with Talha I have seen all the comments .As a elder brother Mohd Talha advised Moshaid not to mess with anyone and as far as I know children from good father and family never got into any kind of scuffle but you son went through all that Mohd Talha just said to your son to mail him to get his identity instead of that your son along with Khawaja Yousuf son of Khawaja Hanif made false statement turning different meaning of his advise he never threatened your son you son along with his friends called him “TALAB PAR KAA GUNDA ” and even threatened him that they will face him even utter bad comments about his family saying “PEOPLE WHO BELONGS TO A GOOD FATHER OR FAMILY DOSENT THREAT PEOPLE AND HE IS NOT A KHAWAJA SO HE DESERVE NOT TO POST ANY NEWS IN THE ABOVE WEB SITE”without knowing his family background my question to all the Nawab Bari DNF members and visitors that does this boy deserve to apologized regrading this war of comments .My advise to all the kids here not to fight on a small thing its just shows your roots from where you belong don’t write any false news about any one .Try to appreciate the work of your elders .My all the best wishes to all the kids in the family stop doing all these arguments and try to flourish the name of our family and parents cause we all belongs to a good family.
    I am thank full to everyone working for this site for providing us with day to day news happening in Nawab Bari .
    Here is my identity
    Khawaja Abul Hassan (West Germany)
    S/O Late Khawaja Tajammul Hassan

  9. Khawja Mohd.Sayeed Says:

    Dear Bother,
    It is to inform u that i My self had read the comments.There was nothing such difficult my son asked Mohd Talha.He just asked for his Id (just to know whether this boy is related to him or not)instead of giving his ID Mohd Talha threatened him.If Talha is a son of good family he could have given his id instead he threatened Moshahed.Till the last he didnt gave his Id thats why these boys were bound to write this kind of comments.If u know his Id u cud have given it over here instead of justifying who is wrong and who is right.if asking someone’s id is mistake then my son has ofcourse has made mistake.

    Thank You
    Khawja Mohd.Sayeed
    S/o Late Khawja Mohd.Shahed

  10. Arshad Syed. CANADA Says:

    I am still in the process of understanding that how could someone support person like Mohd Talha for his misdeed. His comments were not just provocative but insulting as well. He made a big deal over nothing. He should have just given his identity in first place and move on with his life but he just dragged the whole situation instead and made irrelevent comments.

    To make long story short, MOSHAHED & YUSUF- please contact me at my e-mail address: as I was able to unfold his identity.

    Get to know the person beforehand as he could be a potential threat for both of you but please behave and I know you will since you have know problem with your identity.

  11. Mohd Talha Says:

    sir with due respect to all my elders out there please mail me in this e mail id hope ill provide u with all ur questions

  12. nighat Says:

    Respected Brother MR SYED NAJMUL HAQUE Salam-O-Aliekum

    It is stated that I am disabled married woman having 2 school going children. I have lost my right leg in my childhood I am using since then artificial leg. My husband is jobless from last many months. We don’t have any other source of income we are living on rent which 2500 Rs per month and we are unable to pay its rent.And not able to pay our children school fees and so many other problems of utility bills and kichen.Currently I am not able to repair my artificial leg.
    Respected Brother kindly help me through job
    I pray for your success in your work and for your good health in my five time prayers to Allah.
    Yours sister
    Nighat Shakeel

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