Breaking News: Scuffle in Nawabbari

May 8, 2008

Babuli(s/o Imran Hassan) and his friends (Wahid, Johnny, Rammi and others)
were attacked by Sunny (S/0 Bano, brother of Johnny) and his friends (masum,moazzim).

Sunny is an outsider who grew up in Nawabbari and got into the bad habit of peddling drugs. When Babuli confronted him, Sunny responded by attacking him and his friends. There were casualties on both sides. The Police and Rab appeared on the scene soon after. Moulvi Abdullah Welfare Trust has made a decision to close off all exits from the market facing the pond.

Vodpod videos no longer available. video source posted with vodpod

We will keep you posted…

– Mohd Talha, DNF Dhaka Correspondent

5 Responses to “Breaking News: Scuffle in Nawabbari”

  1. Wayiz Hassan Says:


    Please update us, I am trying to call you on the phone. How is Babuli??? Any serious injury?

    Give us another phone number to call you, we are worried and hope Babuli and others are o.k. We are praying,


  2. Syed Kair aka Moni Bhaiya Says:

    Yo Talha

    I didnt know you became a reporter…Listen let babuli Bhaya know I asked about him. its been a long time since Ive been involved in Nawab bari…boy im missing too much man!!!

    Anyway keep us informed and I hope Babaulee, Wahid, Jonny, Rammi and the rest of the gang are safe.

    Best Regards

    Moni and Naveed bhaya

  3. mohd talha Says:

    Thanks Moni Bhaia gr8 to hear from you and also for remembering me they are all well now and u know nothing gona happen to naveen bhaia .
    Take care Talha

  4. Syed kabir Aka Moni Bhai Says:

    Salaam Talha

    Many thanks for getting Babulee bhaiya to call me. I was not worried as Im aware hes one tough guy from Nawab Bari but as being family Im always worried when it comes to fighting in Dhaka . As you know there is no rules in conflict in Dhaka. However Im glad everything has settledm well. It was good to hear from Babul;ee and I even got a chance to speak to Rammi and Jonny Bhai too.

    Of course I remeber you Tlha. We lived on the same floor for 9months lol!!!! Anyway its good to hear from you and many thanks in keeping us informed.

    I wanted to ask you about Waquar mamo’s health and if you could keep us all updated on that situation . We are all praying for Waquar Mamo and hope that good health will be with him soon inshallah.

    You can find me on face book as Sy Kabir, please forward my love and salaam to everyone in Nawab Bari and keep safe yourself too.

    Till we speak again

    Kind Regards

    Your Brother Moni

  5. Mohd Talha Says:

    Salam to all the family members and all the nawab barians i am very shocked to received all the comments and phone call about my writings on this above article i dont think i have written anything wrong my request too everyone who is visiting in this web site plz read all the news properly dont spread rumours i havent wrote anything against naveen bhaia or any one else just tried to provide everyone what happened

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